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Has poetry yet to explore cybernetic culture the way prose/theory fiction has?

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Saw pic related and Ccru memed about on here a while ago, I read some of Ccru and it seemed interesting. Can someone explain the backstory behind them and Nick Land?

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>be me
>sophomore in a top 100 uni studying philosophy
and environmental sciences
>have all my electives pinpointed on Creative Writing classes so I can get my work reviewed etc etc.
>Browse here a lot as both philosophy and Env. Sciences as majors are easy as fuck
>Constantly was seeing Nick Land/Transhumanist memes a few motnhs back
>fuck it why not just check it out?
>Actually surprised that a lot of what this cunt says is total madness but also realistic and aligns with a lot of Linkola's stuff but on the opposite spectrum
>Start reading all of Land's blogpost and reading tons of Moldbug articles really enjoying it almost obsessively
>Philosophy course assigns a project that allows us to pick a philosopher and pinpoint/expand on some of his work(very vague alot of people were allowed to work on lesser known people like Bernhard etc etc.)
>Pick Land and write a long thesis thats pretty much a trans-humanist fascist manifesto
>Philosophy prof. refused my work although we have a good relationship and explains that he expects so much more of me
>Start writing depressing dark enlightenment short stories in my writing class everyone hates it
>Absolutely find everything in my Philosophy class a bore now and am half motivated to excell in my use to be favorite major Env. Science
>tfw Nick Land ruined my fascination and admiration for the classics in philosophy. Now i can't even enjoy writing my PoMo draft of a drug addict in the Cold War era centering on the chess boom (Bobby Fischer-Spassky)
>tfw I'm considering switching out of philosophy to some computer science but it might be too late to understand programming jargon
>tfw I'm not sure if I like Env. Scienes anymore.
>tfw writing epic poetry in my diary no longer brings me happiness and I rather stay up all night exploring the deeper verses of NRx shit and theology's correlation with accelerationism
>tfw nick land ruined my life
>tfw im writing incoherent essays on Moldbugs blogs on my own blog with -2 viewers daily

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I've read most of philosophy up to marx just by reading essays, it may seem dumb but I find the concepts easy to grasp after reading 3-4 essays by said philosopher. I wanna learn about accelerationism but every fourm post here about Land reccomends a fuck ton of shit for no reason. I just wanna be able to read FN to understand the terminator philosophy or if anyone can link some essays on accelerationism and NRx. So is it possible lit? Will I be able to understand endgame philosophy in a weeks time max?

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If I read this shit will I finally understand this fucker or will it just confuse me more? Accelerationism is the first philosophy I can't google and read a summary of to understand. Also where to start with him if Fanged Noumena is not a good starting point?

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accelerate the process

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fucking damn it I forgot the picture

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I am looking for theoryfiction recommendations. I can not write poetry anymore as it is a closed circle jerk and the medium is basically dead. I can not write prose because I am bored of thinking of plots, characters, etc... I can not write essays because hypothesis-argument-conclusion is just a boring methodology. I want to entertain myself with ideas and develop them. However, first I need to learn about this medium. Recommendations?

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