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You guys could check this out. It really helps contextualize the setting of Homeric literature.

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Here. Read this first

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What are we implying here?

Part 2. A little historical background

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The World of Odysseus

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The mentality of males in this age. Homer thought nothing of a sovereign pirate slaughtering some of his slaves.
It’s fiction, so we can imagine it never happened or they were evil or whatever. We shouldn’t want a return to monarchism. It was never a good idea.

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Catholic Church
4chan user base

Why are there so many pedophiles in the both of them? Sexual abstention has freaky results.

>animal capitalism?
Hahaha. Yes, accumulative currency and statism are the root cause of all the worst of human conflicts. It isn’t stupid to find these facts laying around in multiple disciplines all agreeing with the same conclusions

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By using superior strategy.
This is Athenas boy. The poster boy for European monarchy

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Rights of Man, Thomas Paine
The World of Odysseus, Moses Finley

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You need to read a good preface or something.
This is the origin of European royalty. They’re pirates and these are their rules

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It’s a long story.

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>Trojan war was merely fiction
I trust Finley’s reconstruction. There wasn’t a war but a series of raids

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>if the classical Greeks are nearly impossible for us to understand then what of the archaic people and those of the dark ages?
Finley was a great help on this for me.

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What scientific issue? I imagine they’d vote for an expert or experts (in science or other field) to take charge of this or that.
Anarchism is about challenging unjustifiable hierarchies, not doing away with them. People in politics are assholes. They don’t even write most the policy they vote on, and of course it’s funneled to them by hired goons from the wealthy.
It is a workable alternative I’m suggesting. People can learn it quite easily
>bank of cash
I have a savings too. But it will become devalued or scarce as this depression sinks in. I would like to introduce a duel payment to workers. They can still earn money and pay taxes, but the community starts to honor the non accumulative currency.

>wrong again
Ah, you got me. You who want a representative government would elect an emperor who needlessly kills his neighbors and steal from them, so that your lazy ass can has a tiny portion.
You would do that. It’s not human nature to grovel, but you would do that. Tyrants and slavers are so cool.

It’s not angels I’m hoping to raise, its adults. Heroic just people

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Because male run society is and has always been a sick a degenerate game.

Here’s a book to start.

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Why would they?
Recommended reading for you.

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Yes. Could very well be.
All of it though, is a lie told by Homer and other poets.

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>then stealing would be virtuous.
It’s always been considered such. Don’t you like Odysseus?
> A solution to food isn't in politics it's in food
Hence we seize the land before it all goes to famine. Covered in the book, if glibly.

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I am asking a question. Where’s the answer?
What decay? I see decay, but in that picture? Not so much.
Perhaps more importantly, what civilization? When or where have we ever had Such a things?

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The accumulative properties of cash, inherited from the age of gold currency, enforce classist society, also an inheritance of classical society (book related) bullies forged weapons and took land and slaves and status. They wrote their stories and proclaimed all they did good. I love Thomas Paine’s takedown of these sorts.
I also appreciate Proudhon’s analysis. Anarchist thought is at its heart “primitivist” but some just take it farther.
The fundamental principles of unjustifiable hierarchies and value imbued in debt tokens are abominable to me. Wipe them away and we can have a society far more dear and sensible.

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They are made up of native and invader peoples and turned into what we call Greeks later.
Herodotus is good, if inaccurate, but I like reading about what contemporaries have discovered. This one is really good.

Get out.

All girls are female

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Advocating oppression and theft instead of the easier methods.
Werewolves. Parasites.

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It was a series of raids glorified. Not a single war

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