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>your favorite book
Sword of the Lictor
>your favorite film
>your favorite song
Offertorium Domine Jesu
>your favorite anime
>your favorite manga

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Anybody here have any experiences wioth this website called medium.com? They will pay you if paying members read your stories.

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not really. leftoids are leftoids and chads are chads.

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it was about enjoying the works of homer through listening to them, not reading. just as it was intended

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What's more they both enjoyed it very much and, in addition to their enjoyment, both pronounced their love for me.

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It's a book about anime that claims to use psychoanalysis and critical theory to analyze the people who watch it. Not /lit/. Take it to /a/.
See >>16128692

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Does not even compare to:

>Start with the Philosophize This -podcast.
>Only read tertiary literature afterwards.

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I live with my girlfriend and have sex all the time. I'm just not sure why you insist on reacting so violently to someone not liking something you like.

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>post last book you read
I'm reading Democracy in America, it's making unironically believe in american exceptionalism.

>I think that in no country in the civilized world is less attention paid to philosophy than in the United States. The Americans have no philosophical school of their own; and they care but little for all the schools into which Europe is divided, the very names of which are scarcely known to them. Nevertheless it is easy to perceive that almost all the inhabitants of the United States conduct their understanding in the same manner, and govern it by the same rules; that is to say, that without ever having taken the trouble to define the rules of a philosophical method, they are in possession of one, common to the whole people. To evade the bondage of system and habit, of family maxims, class opinions, and, in some degree, of national prejudices; to accept tradition only as a means of information, and existing facts only as a lesson used in doing otherwise, and doing better; to seek the reason of things for one's self, and in one's self alone; to tend to results without being bound to means, and to aim at the substance through the form;—such are the principal characteristics of what I shall call the philosophical method of the Americans.
>...America is therefore one of the countries in the world where philosophy is least studied, and where the precepts of Descartes are best applied.

>next, prove you exist
I am American, therefore I am

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sorry, I'd rather read when I feel like it.

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>my favorite YA novel? The Hobbit of course.

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What is a book that deals with strategies to quit pornography forever?

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In the past 5 years there have only been a few novels that I've really liked. I get an overwhelming feeling of pointlessness when reading most books, and especially novels when they're not extremely enjoyable.

I have the sense that novels are on their way down as an art form, have been going down for a long time, and are nearing poetry levels of pretentious irrelevance, as they become merely an ornament for a certain class of people: mainly women, Jews, middle class to upper middle class public sector / media / university parasites, etc. Basically the wives of bankers who need a hobby.

The above feeling is no longer avoided by reading old books because things clearly haven't changed significantly. It's not that I dislike these people automatically, I just dgaf about them and have little to gain because I'll never be part of the circlejerk.

I'm not sure if /lit/ really cares though. It is filled with 18 year olds on the ground floor of their intellectual journeys. Each individual needs to exalt what they are told to exalt because, unlike the other hopeless suckers, they'll be the one to get ahead.

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>to enhance the atmosphere of Russian literature I get a Slavic girl to read it to me in broken English

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>should of

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>indeed, this is why all of them need to be purged from this earth

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Any books that would help explain to my parents they will never have grandchildren?

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22, Starting my second year of law school which I only went to for status. I want to be an actor one day but that dream seems further and further. Still listening to Jesus is King daily.

Some women have been showing some interest but I really don't have the extra energy to chase them. Been living without them till now, don't see the point of getting into that anymore.

I will probably hang myself when Im a 40-year old upper middle class tax clerk and cant take it anymore.

At least i finally snatched 3pl8

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