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yea i get that it wasn't a critique on him and I guess I'm just struggling to hold onto a past that felt more comfortable and less fucking political. I'm just sad about it anon :(

He's obviously riding that wave as long as he can with his second book coming out(or already being released about the same thing).

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Friends and /lit/izens, it has come to my attention recently that our hallowed home has fallen into disrepute among the other boards of 4chan. I am not sure why this is the case, but every mention of the place vacillates between ridicule to outright acrimony. It hurts me to think there are people deprived of the joy of /lit/ for the fear stirred by this bad PR.
What can we do to mend our reputation in the antipodes of this 4th channel?

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I never liked rapture, but no one can be happy at this news. Best wishes to his wife and family.

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It isn't so much a lack of will than a lack of opportunity nowadays. There just aren't many threads worth effortposting in.

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>it's real

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For that chart I started a thread to get other anon's contributions of what should be on there, so it took place in small spurts over an evening. I use Photoshop.
I've made more serious charts, and other OC besides, and i guess it's nice to see other anons posting them. Though there are certainly some i regret every time i see them. In regards to fulfillment, I dunno. It feels like a losing battle to improve the quality of the board, no matter how much OC or effort posts you make. We're at the end of an era in regards to cultivating any distinct board culture, everything is too integrated with the big social media websites.

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Just decided to pop back in to see if the corona wave was over but it seems like it's fait accompli. I'd just like to thank all you guys; if it weren't for you i would never have gotten into reading all those years ago. I guess i'm one of the few people who can say /lit/ actually improved my life. It's with a heavy heart that i say goodbye, for real this time. I guess all good things must come to an end.

mine too.

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