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Just wank into tissue paper for the next couple decades until your libido goes kaput. Problem solved.

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So /lit/ What book have you read was difficult to read?

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R.A. Salvatore is better than Brendon Sanderson

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Some people say that specific books are so good, that they would like to live within them. Some movies capture that feeling of captivating someone within a magic world that doesn't exist, except it only lasts for a specific amount of time and ends. If you could dive into your computer monitor, would you? As to say, if you think you're getting the best experience out of the internet and the things you see, would you live within it, like someone would with a good book that they enjoy? Keep in mind that pepe the frog is real on the internet and makes some really bad threads.

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People of the past would just summarize the chapter in a header at the beginning. "this and that happens. This character dies. They find this". Now spoilers are a big concern for readers. Is it because of the influence of film and television? The word "spoiler" itself seems to be a neologism.

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I masturbated 4 times while farming full graceful in OSRS

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>tfw there are like 85 bible verses talking about universal salvation and 2 suggesting eternal chastisement

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I'm literally not responsible for anything I do.

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Please don't spoil the sussie

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>"‘I have always been able to recognise the lonely,’ he wrote in his diary. ‘They don’t walk the same way as other people
Did he ask them? I don't think so. Therefore he didn't know that they were lonely. He came up with this shit just to write it down and people will gobble it up because you want to believe it

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>art poetry religion
>Diary of a wimpy kid

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I still don't know what "death of the author" means

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>I was already throwing it around with some people from university
Are you german? That explains the aura of nazi thought that permeates in your writing
You're not german? Then why are speaking it like a pseud?

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>I wish I could say that some irony was intended, but the cult
of stupidity has become in England what the cult of celebrity is
in the United States. To call someone clever has never been an
unequivocal compliment in England, but it takes a special kind
of perversity for students at the high school situated four hundred
yards from my hospital to say to one of their colleagues,
who took an overdose because of the constant bullying to
which she was subject: You're stupid because you're clever.

I say this and think like this

Also cynosure is a neat word I just learned today

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last night i had a dream that a stranger started a conversation with me about dostoevsky and i pretended to have read him

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>getting into philosophy
>start to some self reflection and challenge my worldview
>drop it before it changes anything in me
whew that was scary

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I took an actual in person verbal IQ test and it was only like fifteen questions and the most difficult word was pusillanimous. If you miss only that word you would probably get 126 just because there are only a limited amount of questions. I could see a smart person not knowing how to spell that.

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I think I'm going to read Harry Potter tonight.

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book by African
>protagonist chased by warlords and druglords, threatened with violence, diseases, rape and poverty but somehow ends up positive and optimistic
book by Westerners
>protagonist works 9-5, get told some mean works and now wants to kill himself/herself

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>a court of cock and cum
>a court of shit and piss
>a court of feed and seed

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I was pretending to not have any fault when it occurs to me that having any imposition required something to come and harm who I am.

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how can i write a bestseller?
1. i dont care for rwby
2. i can barely form sentences
3. i can barely form thoughts
4. i have vocab of a slow esl teenager
5. i have read less than 5 books in my life (children's lit and max 120pages)

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i have never had sex

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>35 years old
>ugly charismaless nofriends beta male
>have boring wfh job
>no woman attracted to me ever
>never even flirted with a woman
>went to university, had many jobs - still not the slightest hint of pussy
>no friends since school
>lifted weights for years

In school I was probably much more of a loser than I realised, even though I had friends. I was never invited to any of the parties. I didn't go to the school prom and I still remember playing a video game on that night.

In university I had zero friends or social acquaintances. I remember the first week I was there, there were all these social events and I never attended any of them. It felt like university was a huge party for all normies, which I wasn't invited to.

I remember I had a crush on this girl during my first year at university in my class, and one time the fire alarm went off during a smaller class. We went outside and then were led to a building by the lecturer to shield ourselves from the weather before going back in. I realised the girl was standing right next to me as we milled about in the building, and I didn't turn to look at her. I just read this noticeboard repeatedly for around 10 minutes.

Tinder became popular when I was at university but I was already sucked punched twice by the r9kpill and then incel blackpill. After the latter, I spent the following year in a near-daze, with my loserdom totally explained.

I become the ugly loser nobody talks to within a day of all my jobs. I once worked at this shopping mall store during university, which probably had the most attractive girls per square feet of anywhere outside of university. I talked to no one, obviously.

I lived in London for a while for work and nothing changed. It was demoralising walking past busy pubs on my way home during evenings.

The idea of talking to a woman with the aim of any relationship seems insane, unrealistic, and reeking of desparation.

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