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We’re well aware of the ecological/resource crises. We take it into account.
The changes we seek would be a net benefit. The full consequences seem pretty good, and we might actually make it, not go extinct. It is very worth a shot.
One generation after the changes and we will be set (to change again. Free to make whatever improvements there need be)

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Haven’t read Ted yet, but The Next Revolution is an honest critique of tankie and individualist anarchists, bit goes a step further to propose an alternative to their failings.

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Dedicate your life to the revolution.

So that we might enjoy a little of both without worry.

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I’ve started with The Next Revolution and it’s pretty good. Will definitely read Ecology of Freedom next

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>buying land
Keep in mind, they will take it away anytime they feel like it

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>Twisting a simple post to your own reeee
Yes and no. And how donyou get that I deny life? I’m not the waiting/egging on Armageddon. Could you get back on topic?

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Put the memes aside and say something of substance

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The revolution is a social event, not a political one. It lives on. It grows like a fungus. Yes the commies come by kill them, the liberals and their fascists come by to kill them, but we’re still here, still trying.
And of fucking course they can “combat” climate change. That’s practically our number one agenda

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They hate this world. They look forward to their real life in the kingdom of their god. New convert or have I found a larper?

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Here ya go

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