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Is it true that the real work only comes to be in the edit?

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this one is better IMO

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When I have trouble writing I trying and draw something. Usually whatever I was writing out.

That helps.

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He, he revealed his hidden chamber. Sweet and ready for my fiesta to start inside. He looks back at me nervously red, but with a grin of excitement. I holster onto his love handles and i quickly give him a quick kiss to his back, and my spear teases, lightly touching the unopened door.

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>these many big words

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Sometimes I go to the library, but only if I can't buy the book. And I almost always buy used, unless it's a new release, obviously.

The best part of the buying used, is the bookstore. The bookstore in my old town was simply the best. The old guy who ran it was so nice, he had everything, he would always tell me stories, and recommend books he didn't have in stock.

And he gave me sooooo many free books, too. I miss him.

also, I love Lain.

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