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2 weeks give or take.

Well the world is a cold earth (it has plot relevance). One of the most common enchants are heat floors. Relatively cheap since they don't need to be very hot, just enough to warm the house. Speed pants/boots are also common for the sheer need of transportation, however for greater effects people are willing to sacrifice quite a bit for super speed. Strength items are also common and basically always needed since it's still a physical society. Then come heat clothes, water-proof clothes, greater vision glasses, adhesive boots, there are all sorts of things. Anything you can think of, literally. Now, that's all practical and fine, and I decided on whom exactly can enchant, so I made enchantment a 3-part work.
First comes the skill itself, which is gnostic in nature, doesn't need thought, only pure knowledge and technique. In a way, it's like mathematics.
Then comes the material itself, and I decided upon a magical substance which, when acted upon, creates the enchantment. So you can't enchant a boot, but a boot which has this particular material inlaid in it.
And the 3rd part comes in the Restriction, and what you're restricting for the enchant to work. That being said, only a society of monks within the world can do enchants. Well everyone can if they meet those 3 requirements but the monks own the material monopoly, own the knowledge of this practice and teach their students in their temples, and do the enchantments on command, which will place the Restriction burden upon the client, and not the monk initiating the enchantment.

Now add in the Rose and his ability to remove enchants and you have yourself a plot. BotNS is still my favorite book though, and I don't expect the plot to carry it. I'm confident in my prose, but I'm even more confident in the themes and characterization. I'm actually quite happy with what I've been writing so far. If I can keep up the quality, I have faith in what it'll be once finished.

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