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What are some good works of literature about artists whose art becomes pervasive their life? Perhaps books or short stories that helped inspire Synechdoche, New York?

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Yeah, probably me most of all - but it'll be at least a few days until then, so I'm stuck with you faggots.

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Found this picture of you.

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>most intelligent person in the history of making
>not a pessimistic nihilist
Non-nihilist systems are the epicycles of philosophy. They're liking seeing faces on your toast. Pessimistic nihilism is the new counterculture.
>mfw someone tries to prove me """"" wrong"""""

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Eh it's on hold for a while. I have five musical projects that I need to finish by next February. Right now I have two done and the third is underway. I also have a Youtube series in which I talk in-depth about video games that I'd like to maintain but it isn't really a priority. But the thing about that is that it's got a definite end because once I run through my list of vidya I'm done with it. So, when it comes to my writing, I'm thinking that I'll just read as much quality lit as I can this year and ease into writing again next spring. My prose was HORRIBLE when I was actively writing my novel so it's definitely for the best that I gave it up. The only books I'd read were Harry Potter and there I was trying to write this serious novel about a girl living in the modern age. You can probably guess how bad it was. Pic possibly related.

It doesn't need to be published to be good, anon.

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They literally don't exist. Women don't see literature as a thing that communicates ideas; they like literature as a fashion accessory. You will never find a woman who enjoys a book that makes her uncomfortable. You will never find a woman who greatly enjoyed a book that can't be mentioned in fairly lighthearted conversation.

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You can greentext and reddittext all you want but the man is a good speaker.

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>thinking fedoralord correlation debunks anything

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>aristotelian anything

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>realize reading has become a spook
>bookshelf full of books I'd like to have read / want people to see that I've read
>get digital copies of each one, load 'em up on a kindle
>donate all books to goodwill
>haven't read one since
>mfw this was 12 years ago

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>the premise of a value judgement being proven "wrong"

>not establishing ahead of time your criteria for "best" if you're going to have this argument anyway

Fuckthisgayearth =)

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>One cannot have steak for dinner every night.

Implying you're the boss of me<<<<

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