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Read some 2021 punk rock

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I am seeking help, I'm seeking to reach out to fellow authors and writers struggling to produce their work.

Perhaps you could be a bit kinder and more supportive? I bet you'd even like the book if you read it. :)

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I'm not even finished my final edit
How close are you to releasing your next book, anon?

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Hey /lit/,

I have been talking to my shrink and back on meds, the advice I got on multiple threads to "seek help" was actually good advice. My manic episode completely destroyed my life. I quit work, began writing a shitty novel, and performed my swan-dive into total alcoholism. The wellbutrin I'm on is particularly spicy with the THC and alcohol in my system, however, at least now I know I'm delusional and have no chance of success.

In the meantime, before I commit myself to the local mental hospital, would anyone be interested in seeing my editing progression from before I received valid and real criticism from /lit/, and then the result of my unfettered critical view of my own work?

I can post two PDFs for comparison if anyone is interested. Thank you and have a very nice evening.
>inb4 seek help
>inb4 ngmi
>inb4 schizo
>inb4 wear the mask, take the vaxx
p.s. a HUGE congratulations to Waldun for his recent book release, and a belated congratulations to F. Gardner on his latest, Jigoku

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Only 27 days until this loser realizes he will sell exactly 0 books
Valuable lesson to be learned here:
If you want to be published, pursue a BA in communications and then focus on creative writing. Listen to your peers. Understand where the culture needs your voice. Realize that your words are incredibly important. If we want to prevent a great collapse, the majority of people need to understand that there is a % of the population who are anti-vax, pro-war, and anti-diversity. Write because you know which side are the good guys, and write because you know who are the chuds and those who deserve to see the hook and curtain take them off the stage.

Self-pubbers, you have been put on notice. When this loser fails and has to go back to working as a Wal-Mart greeter- know this- unless you have been peer-reviewed at a University level, your work will ALWAYS be fucking substandard. You will always be a joke to anyone with an education. You either withstand the criticism of those with similar IQs, or you deserve to fail.

If you are unwilling to go to University and you continue to write; do the craft a favor. Kill yourself. Fuck you. You do not deserve to wield the pen. You are a loser screaming into the void. Sit down, take a course, learn how to express yourself. Leave the world of being an author to those who have put the years in at school to know what the culture wants, deserves, and needs.

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Riding out the heatwave in Vancouver, drunk off dollar store pina colada and navy rum, reading some NYT best sellers to see if they have a magic that my writing lacks

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Write write write!

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Who is still in editing?

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Make your own culture bro

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Gardner is my hero, I hope to have 1/100th the fanbase he does!

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That is because it is a huge accomplishment to finish writing a book, but in our culture, it is a non-achievement unless validated by traditional publishing.

Just look at how we worship sports stars, 200+ million per contract is common now, and they move rubber through a goal. That's it. Nothing that adds any real value to anything. In fact, one almost might imagine sports and such as distractions to keep the mind occupied with really low-vibration shit.

I'm in the same place as you, finished my 2nd book and now just trying to figure out how to launch it. We are living in an increasingly communistic western society that has very little use for independent thought. What's the next franchise to be reboorted?

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Some of us are writing subversive literature still...

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Can't wait to dunk on pseuds when my shit is released into the world
>cope and seethe
I could keep posting semi-nudes of my hot exes here but I think all this rubbing it in has gathered a core group of haters that need to sea kelp. Great supplement. You can't be angry and going through life if you're on a daily dose of sea kelp vitamins.

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My prose is shit but once people plotfag it up, I might go to jail in Canada for the content of my STRICTLY SATIRICAL, DARKLY HUMOROUS BOOK

I have like 80 IQ, I wish people could just understand that and judge my plotfag ability

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Once faggots embrace the home binder and develop the skills to:
>1. sell books in person
>2. avoid social media for their personal views
>3. just purchase targeted niche ads for their novels
You'll see a renaissance of writing because people will find that they can make a living off selling 3-4 books a day, as opposed to needing to sell 50+ ebooks and 20+ retail copies to make the same money as 3 or 4 physical books.

Amazon is not your friend.
POD is not your friend.
Lulu is not your friend.
Just look how much they take from your profits!

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Any straight white male author needs to print their own shit because unless you tow the globohomo narrative 100%, you're never, ever going to get published by an industry being ball-crushed by fat blue haired feminists who chant BLM on the weekends and open their speeches at writer's fests by making land acknowledgements and claiming they are for decolonization.

Fuck the mainstream publishing world, it is EXTREMELY pozzed.

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Some of us are working on producing our own culture!
>it will be so glorious when I go to the first writer's fest, maskless, in a tank top with my arms bulging, walking around drinking whiskey with a huge smile on my face
Pseuds on /lit/ have already submitted to their masters. They are double masking, vaccinated incel crabs who don't create anything other than their own little miserable worlds.


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My brain does not allow me peace unless I write out the elaborate hallucinations I have about characters and ridiculous stories

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Gardner is a hero to me, super happy for him!

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>>try to read literary fiction
Plotfags, unite!

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Make your own culture bro.

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