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Sounds like a based book. Might pick it up.

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literally my diary desu

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A true aesthete. Like the Butterball cenobite in Hellraiser

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>Asserts that women are inferior to sexy, sexy trains
>Goes on a chapter-long rant about Latin poets in exactly the kind of aspergers style of Patrick Bateman talking about Huey Lewis and the News
>Has his dining room outfitted to look like the inside of a ship with aquariums in the windows and kitschy nautical decorations to pretend he's eating on a boat
>Orders a gigantic gilded and bejewelled tortoise to match his rug
I'm only forty pages in and this is the funniest book I've ever fucking read, Des Esseintes is the most flawless depiction of a prototypical /lit/ autist ever conceived

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