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>work up the nerve to ask her if she wants to go see a comic opera with me
>she says yes
>go, have a nice time, we talk and she smiles and laughs towards me
>I pay $60 for her ticket plus $60 for mine
>I'm dressed in a nice shirt, she's wearing a military jacket and combat boots
>on the way back, we talk about Alexander the Great
>dropping her off
>"I had a great time, Anon, thanks for taking me out, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
>meet up with her for lunch the next day
>tell her I love her
>she kind of gets an awkward look on her face and looks around nervously
>"Well, uh, I'm really sorry, anon, I just don't see you that way, but I still want to be friends."
>tell her that's okay
>go back to my apartment and cry for several days

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