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I don't get it

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Post-Kant German philosophy is embarrassingly bad. I often try to force myself to read Being and Time but after the first few pages my disgust overloads and I have to stop. It's the kind of juvenile garbage that a 16 year old who happens to have read Aristotle and Duns Scotus would write. Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger etc all suffer from the same problem, and that is that they are completely uncritical of their starting points and their methods. Ironically even Kant suffered from to a lesser degree. It doesn't matter how "profound" your statements about le Being are if you epistemology and logic are complete garbage. It seems that no matter how much from the history of philosophy they read they are incapable of understanding philosophy at all, they simply aren't philosophers. It's embarrassing to open a book called "Beyond Good and Evil" and see 300 pages of random paragraphs about women and how the french are better than the germans. It's even more embarrassing that this absolute garbage is actually taken seriously by academia and by you fucking losers. If you actually like German philosophy, then you don't understand philosophy and you never will. Imagine if Plato opened up a book by Husserl only to see it dive straight in to a thousand methodological presuppositions and vague terminology. He would feel anger and disgust as he tears apart every sentence with basic pre-schooler logic and dialectical analysis. Every time I see some faggot on this board say that Hegel or Heidegger was the endgame of philosophy I begin to feel an inexpressible rage bubbling up inside of me and wish I could just reach through the screen and strangle him to death.

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It is almost midnight and I'm at my university library looking for a good entry level book into the concept of Dasein. Anyone have any good recommendations?

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What’s the best introduction to Heidegger. Is it absolutely necessary to read his main influences before attempting to understand him? Do you have any good secondary literature to recommend as a supplement?

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>I have authenticity
>But "the They"? Oh they are inauthentic as fuck
How is this any different than Andrew Tate?

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What are the best books and resources for understanding Heidegger?

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Based or cringe?

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How tf is he not more read by normies with anxiety?

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Where should I start with him?

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Don’t see much Heidegger posting here. Does /lit/ like him? How should I approach him? Should I read Sartre or Husserl first?

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I cannot be expect to suffer through this autism just to get a simple answer

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Has he been refuted yet?

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im thinking about reading being and time, so i wanna know, how important is it, and what impact did it have on philosophy? some guy said that he managed to disprove Kant and metaphysics, is that actually true? is he worth reading?

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Did this guy ever write a normal book? Did he even write a normal paragraph let alone book! I watched The School of Life video on him and he seems like the perfect philosopher for me but I tried to his read his works and I just can't understand it. I think even if I tried to learn it would ruin the beauty of the philosophy. I tried reading Dreyfus lectures but they're almost as bad.

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>it is what it is
Das it mane
What's the deal with beings in Being?
This really Timaeuses my becoming.

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Wtf is a "dasein?"

Why do English teachers refuse to translate this word?

Is Martin Heidegger the only German philosopher that doesn't translate to English?

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Can someone please help me? Whats HID for? Cant find it anywhere online, it seems its not Identity and Difference since the stuff I'm reading cites its as HID91 but Ind&Diff only goes to 76.

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Do I need to read this Nazi-Fuck’s other works like Introduction to metaphysics or can I dive into Being and Time?

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*plagiarizes spengler in academic jargon*
*calls spengler a Volksphilosoph*
*joins the nazi party and betrays Husserl*
*Spengler rebukes Hitler and dies in isolation and poverty*

I have so much respect for this man.

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What was his deal? Nazi or not?

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Who can I read like Heidegger but easy for a 107 IQ brain to read?

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Can someone please give me a quick run down of what the fuck this fat Nazi was rambling about? i keep trying to read Being and Time and I can't wrap my head around this esoteric obfuscating gibberish. It sounds like a sci fi fantasy worldbuilding larp half the time, but I still feel like there's a work of genius underneath it all

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You study continental philosophy.

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>What is the Being of beings?
>What is the Being of the Being of beings?
>What is the is-ness of whatness?
>What does it mean to be being asking the question of the beying of beingly beings?
>What is the what-ness of being-ness in the is-ness of of-ness that constitutes the being a being of a being?

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