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Name a SINGLE GOOD fantasy novel. A. single. one.

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I finished Finnegans Wake, it was alright.

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>Tell me, how is this possibly justifiable?
You've decided to sell your labor. Nobody forced you at gunpoint to work construction. Your going to school to develop your value, aren't you?

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I did not know John Adams had an autobiography. I thought Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were the only ones that had this. Are there more lesser known autobiographies of famous historical Americans that I don't know about?

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It's been years that I see the same bait being posted here almost daily and people still reply to it.

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>>you will never be a Napoleon, a Tolstoy, a Goethe, a Picasso, a Churchill, a Newton, a Kant, a Washington, a Shakespeare, a Caesar, a Mozart, a Kennedy, a Galilei, a Wagner, a Michelangelo, a Franklin, a Luther, a Linnaeus, a Ford, a de Gaulle, a Pasteur, a Tesla, a Rembrandt, a Columbus, a Tudor, a Voltaire, a Gutenberg, et al.
Yes I will.

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the bible all make more sense when you use allegories to the mind and consciousness
its not historical facts but the road to spiritual enlightenment
i interpret this chapter as " doing outside rituals is not what will open men's eyes, it has to come from within, man has to allow himself to see in order to see, touch his own spirit.
once man is able to see, he is told not to go back to that village, the place he used to be. for you do not want to be blind again.

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