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What is termed the "right" wants races secure and comprehended within a homeland. In this world Europeans are becoming increasingly insecure as their nation states are being planted with racial enemies, who will band together to destroy them. One can see this on the grand scale in voting patterns by demographic in the US on the grand scale, and in the micro scale you merely have to go to any "diverse" school and see how children almost automatically stick together by race. For an anecdote: it was almost comical when I was in school in my European country, how the Asians would stick together from their respective countries, the blacks generally as a bloc. Now you might say, "but anon, those are just kids with primitive little kid minds, surely when they grow older they will associate more broadly, indeed they will have to due to their variegated career choices", NO! What makes you ignorant people think that if we adopt America's multiplicity of races and abolish our nations, we won't also be adopting racial voting, with the remaining Europeans gravitating increasingly to a "white" party that espouses their racial interest, even if only taciturnly and never openly?
"But anon," you say again, droll and retarded as you were before, "why should I care if these people vote as a bloc? It's not as though their policies will manifest in a direct confrontation to my wellbeing with say, genocide", well I'd say to yourself, enjoy getting your wig split by manic machete niggers, you onions chugging ape, and I will laugh in the pages of history if the ugly mulatto monks who survive the impending dark ages deign to scribble anything for posterity on cardboard parchment by the light of a candle in a can of Heinz beans.

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