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>why yes, I am an actual scholar, how could you tell?

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>I'm Catholic, and I regularly use the word nigger to demean black people (Ethiopians have been Orthodox for 1000+ years)
>I'm Catholic, and I regularly call women sluts to shame and insult them (Jesus was a good friend to a prostitute)
>I'm Catholic, and I think it's okay to defy the pope because I don't like him
>I'm Catholic, and I literally and unironically think everyone who attends mass in a language other than English is going t o hell

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>I still adamantly believe /lit/ should use British English.

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Wrong picture

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>If you have an incurious mind, that's fine...

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God is not real.

And no, you can't run around saying "HURR PHILOSOPHY AINT REAL EITHER THEN SINCE IT'S BASED ON FAITH". No, it's based on evidence. These aren't just bullshit ideas plucked out of thin air, they're not just foundationless drivel, they're well researched opinions backed up by studies and research and from observing the world. You do not see god, you do not hear god, you do not feel god's presence. Religion is incompatible with philosophy and I personally believe no one who believes in religion has anything worth listening to.

You're retards. Bottom of the barrel, prone to superstition, easily manipulated retards. Keep your retarded fucking beliefs to yourself and get the fuck out of philosophy discussions. God damn I'm tipping so fucking hard right now, fuck you faggots.

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*one copy of culture of critique please Madam"

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>aboo I have no arguments just read these books you stupid chirstcucks.

I'm ready for you to quote the god delusion now.

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>I'm a relativist.

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>that twitter bio
>Flaneur: focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic),probability (reallife), deadlifts, Phoenician wine, dead languages.

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literally it's pic

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