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saturday night butterfly appreciation thread

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I want to lose my virginity to Butterfly.
What do I need to read to achieve this by the end of 2022?

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I would also like to add that this SHE A TRANNER shit is retarded. She's not. She's a 40-something childless lesbian woman, which is arguably worse (though I must admit that she was formerly quite sexy). Don't muddy the waters. If you're going to hate her, at least be honest with your charges.

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speaking of dead eyes and visible mustaches

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that's butters way of telling you she is wrong but doesn't want to openly admit it

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I've fallen in love with ladies in Victorian photographs and daydream about women I've read about it books, but I've been sorely disappointed with my experiences out in the world. They're not feminine, they're vulgar and cuss like sailors, and they're obsessed with sex and shopping. I'll probably be a volcel for life

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roll for a butters cum tribute

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« Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ », known to some as Butterfly, was getting old. She was past thirty now and wondered where her life was heading. ">tfw no gf," she thought to herself, as her fingers unconsciously typed "4chan.org/lit" into the address bar with a well-practiced ease. It wasn't just the lack of a qt Laurie Penny gf, though. She wanted more. She knew her fertile period was beginning to wane and she had started craving a child. On /lit/, she opened every thread she could and commented in all of them, with surprisingly apt pictures attached, and flirted with desperate men who thought they had a chance with a 5/10 lesbian.

Then she saw it. A Sunhawk thread. She was so lonely, and had desired Sunhawk's attentions for almost ten years now. There was no one left for her after Feminister died, gangraped by a bunch of MRA activists when her boyfriend had lifted up her shirt and exposed her bare breasts to them. Sunhawk never responded, but every time Butterfly commented in one of his threads she allowed herself a tiny bit of hope. He was the only familiar face among the anonymous horde. She knew that he, too, was alone: he still posted threads about attractive girls that he couldn't summon the courage to talk to.

This time he answered. She couldn't believe it. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she replied and had a surprisingly only half-fumbling conversation with him, and most of her spaghetti reserves had remained securely in her pockets. She left her email for him on a post, unwilling to let this feeling of elation go. Of course, the drones of /lit/ conspired to flood her inbox with filth pretending to be him, but she could tell which one was him. The total un-self-awareness of his own vapidity, the way he could supposedly read so many books and still be a utter pleb, revealed the real Sunhawk to her.

She got off the internet and started masturbating instead. She imagined Sunhawk as a cute, shy girl who she was initiating into the beauties of sapphic love. Her pace quickened, her fingers plunging into her cunt in the same pattern they had typed on the keyboard, as if to say "HA HA, TIME FOR 4CHAN!", and she came hard.

In the few moments of clarified thinking after her orgasm, she realized what she had to do. Over the next few days she exchanged emails with Sunhawk, trying to slowly bring the conversation around to the possibility of a meeting. He was recalcitrant, but she eventually brought him around. He was, after all, just as old and tired as she, as lonely and longing, as desirous of some iota of human contact that wasn't perfused with anxiety and awkwardness and judgement.

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Does butterfly post here anymore? Or just trolls who pretend to be her?

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the true queen of /lit/

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with hindsight, was she correct about everything?

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The only thing Bin Laden did wrong was not destroying America more

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How do we defeat her once and for all bros?

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>i'll never find the perfect girl
books for this feel?

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That's fake she's actually cute but wery shy.

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Butterfly please respond to this there are hundreds of young men who love you please it's just you and paperbackdreams at this point I haven't seen a woman in 16 months please.

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>He wants to have a child every 10 months
Even Allah permits the spacing of births. As-salamu alaykum.

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Butters is a woman, stop this dumb meme.

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She is (was?) unironcally hot in some of those pics she posted. Iconic /lit/ gf.

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Ummm guyyyys
My threaaaad?

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That's her old trip that someone brute forced their way into cracking.
Butterfly is a homely looking middle aged Finnish lesbian.
Would make a good waif desu. Too bad our children will be autistic.

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