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2010's are wrapping up quickly. What's your vote for the best novel that came out in the past decade?
Alternatively, what's the best book you've personally read since 2010? Can be any book, as long as you think it's the best one you've read in the past 10 years.

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What a brainlet.
1. Basic physics, the only thing in question is what it going to shit will do to us.

2. ? why is this in question

3. I'd argue bad, but better than the nazis. Anything other than that is arbitrarily specific.

_Also_, this isn't goddamn /lit/ try again,

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>Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam

Being British and living in Hong Kong most of my life, I was always wound up about the way Beijing kept dicking around in HK politics, thinking about how the UK was better etc. but after reading this and becoming aware of various evils and douchebaggery of the British government, I very cynically saw (and still do) all governments as completely identical; they're just amoral organisms doing everything they can by any means to obtain power to survive, and holding loyalty to one strikes me as utterly pointless.

That was more recent, and although not literature, 4chan has changed my understanding of the world more than anything else I've read. Discovering it during my uni years, it helped me to understand how people really thought behind the endless masks of politeness.

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Because they have little power in the world. So any one who 'made it' try to pull up fellow sisters and feel it is their responsibility to do. Men don't have this problem so we don't have this culture

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Go back to what you were. Embrace the insanity. The sane won't survive in this world for long, not any more. Look at all the fucking normalfags on Twitter and Facebook saying how much they hate the state of the world right now. Look at them all, suffering from depression and committing suicide.

The world belongs to the mad now. Join them.

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I suppose I can't stop you, but at the very least try to do something that has some meaning to you before offing yourself. You don't want to arrive in the afterlife with regrets you can't easily fix.

Godspeed anon

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As a writer, I worry I don't have as much power and ability as I wish I had. I worry I'll never have the ability to produce the sublime.

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The main issue is my confidence, I think I'm impeded by it. Doubtless Blood Meridian or Gravity's Rainbow, for example, are great, and I did love the books. I feel as if I understood the novels in their most important aspects, but, as with most other great works, I feel as if I hadn't grasped them properly. I have found that re-reading is extremely helpful, given time in between, and reading Disgrace by Coetzee and All the Pretty Horses by McCarthy, I definitely grew more confident, but really only over those individual works.

tl;dr I realize re-reading is definitely important.

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a man chooses, a pleb accepts

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Do you have a great project, writers of /lit/? Something you hope to finish before you die, that will be the summit of all your efforts as a writer?

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Maps of Meaning is easily one of the best books on religion and the human condition out there. He has some cool lectures and gives excellent advice, in part because he approaches the question of how to live in a very literal and specific manner.

His crusade against "post-modernism" is, however, rather uninformed. He does not understand the post-structuralist philosophers in great detail. But there does seem to be a deep opposition if you actually know about both them and Peterson.

Peterson looks at the world through his categories of chaos and order. (Chaos and order are sort of like phenomenological "places", and possibly metaphysical categories, but he's unsure of going that far.) Peterson explicitly agrees with these philosophers in that the world is "slippery" and chaotic with no rational order. But Peterson, being a pragmatist, sees the practical solution as imposing order onto this chaos (which is basically the process of categorization), whereas the post-structuralists tend to question and may even want to destroy what they see as oppressive and arbitrary orders. However, Peterson does make great emphasis in Maps of Meaning on the necessity for both chaos and order, but chaos is only necessary insofar as it helps "update" order.

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is there any audiobook that's worth listening to over the written word?

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You know the drill

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