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>Only a fucking retard would disagree with me

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I am glad this hack is finally dead.

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/lit/king here
I've read 5 books on this list, one of which is Harry Potter
/lit/king here

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>vs the Gigathad Audiobook listener

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Maybe it did, but ot wasn't 6 million

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This can be all answered with a simple statement. Capitalism and Communism are equally ideologically vapid and their existence in the mind is absolutely meaningless. To me, the system of an idea behind manufacturing culture and governmental faculties is an affair of nothingness in return. It is based on power dynamics within rationality. These rational concerns contain false promises based on the ability to create any sort of promised utopian or moral stability. In all consideration the best action or idea to take is one akin to an object like a rock. Just don't give a fuck. It is all spooky logical nonsense.

Go beyond that, take the pill which deems the most valuable and authentic to you. Conquer both hedonism and aesthecism and become a God.

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>reading multiple translations and the original text at the same time

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>There is no such thing as a war crime

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>I listen to the audiobook for one chapter before reading so I can attach a voice to the characters when I read

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>do the right thing because it is right

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>Read Don Quijote, friend.

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Free will exists because God would not have made his children mere slaves.

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Okay, interesting. Now please go back to /a/.

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>Cantami, o Diva, delpelide Achille
l'ira funesta che infiniti addusse
lutti agli Achei, molte anzi tempo all'Orco
generose travolse alme d'eroi,
e di cani e d'augelli orrido pasto
lor salme abbandonò (così di Giove
l'alto consiglio s'adempìa), da quando
primamente disgiunse aspra contesa
il re de' prodi Atride e il divo Achille.

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Everyone used their real name except one fag, and why, yes, my name is the most outragous one

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