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lit, what the hell is wrong with me? Does anyone else get tired out when they're trying to read a book? I am trying to read moragavine right now and it's sort of difficult. I keep having to re-read parts of it, it's not like reading an article online or something (I know that I probably sound like an idiot right there, because that's probably a false equivalency). I don't know if it's just my attention span, or that I have low reading comprehension. I've actually tested pretty high in reading comprehension, so I don't know what the problem could be.

Is it normal that reading would feel like this? I mean, this isn't like watching a movie or listening to music (I know, again, false equivalency), it actually takes work and a lot of times I feel like I get stuck because it's an effort where I have to push myself to get through it. Is it common to have to push yourself to get through a book?

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>really love book
>find it so relatable, and yet so much more exciting and interesting than my own life
>it ends and my life feels pointless and empty

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one terrible tripfag leaves
another fills their place
every fucking time

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tfw no bf

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>Freud has taught us that...
>Marx has taught us that...

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>democracy has been massively successful

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Almost every writing tip my English teachers gave me turned out to be horrible fanfiction tier shit when I got older.

>"It was a hot day". Come on, anon, grab a thesaurus and use longer words
>Can't this character be female?
>Never start a story In Media Res, people want long introductions about your characters' daily lives and minor idiosyncrasies
>Use adjectives before every noun
>Don't use dialogue longer than two or three sentences
>True art can't have uplifting themes

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