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Convince me Peep wasn't Byron/Pushkin incarnate
Maybe Laureli's Garden (not yet published). Not a book but Twin Peaks.
Good album but peaks way too hard on the first song. Post-hardcore isn't much of a book thing. Listen to Died
I'm not DRAINED but Notes from the Underground, maybe
My god flood is amazing. Бoжe мoй! Listen to it on DXM! Kind of an experience only music can give you, but maybe
RIP steppa. Haven't listened to this enough to give a reccomendation
Eugene Onegin -- youthful disenchantment at it's finest!! My favorite album! Makes me sad every time I listen to it though :) :(
The cover would have you think Burroughs but actually Wyndham Lewis
Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnameable
Mason & Dixon
Whatever I was reading my sophomore year of college (infinite jest)

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