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Any philosophy or Buddhist anons want to critique my potential writing sample? I will take any and all /lit/ suggestions on either style or mechanics.


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I posted a thread about this board's quality having dropped tenfold over the past months. Well I posted one (1) message since then and I got 7 absolutely moronic replies.

I should've been more specific ; It's the "cringe" posters that comprise the majority of the pollution on this board. You cannot type a two sentences+ post without being replied to 'cringe' at least a dozen time. Now, I know the hordes of decerebrated, low focus will cringe at any format that isn't a 30sec video curated for their oestrogen-fueled cognitive machine, but come on. If the mods don't step it up in the next few weeks, I will literally annihilate this board. The zoomers and shitposters successfuly did it without ever getting banned, so it won't be too complicated. Simply type "cringe" anytime someone posts a thoughtful reply. Posts memes everywhere. Create unrelated threads.. Basically just do unto others what they do unto you. Maybe the last 3 intelligent posters will get the hint and jump ship.

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This board is trash. The quality has dropped tenfold over the past month. Insane. What the fuck happened?

Discussion is nigh IMPOSSIBLE. Post anything that is two sentences and above and you will be brigaded by literal children, americans and anglo children. The last two weeks have been extremely tiring. It is very obvious that it's been flooded with underaged kids, not your typical college shitposter. I guess I'm out. Fuck you /lit/. Half of the quality posters left awhile ago, the rest of us should leave right now. We're wasting time. Look at the catalogue. Pick a thread. Open it. How many replies are above two sentences? How many (you)s did it get? How many of those (you)s are the cheapest, most vulgar form of bait you could think of? yeah

I'm done getting insulted for clearly being the only person who has read the author, or who is familiar with the content, and takes time sharing information with the hordes of decerebrated, low-focus zoomers. Their parents never read them stories anyways, kek. They were set up to be failures from the start. The lingering sense of elitism you could see emanating from some posts is gone. We've been overridden with plebs and they seem to enjoy bathing in their own mediocrity.

Typing this made me realize it could be pewdiepie's fault. It coincides with his book review video.


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Time to prove if Anon has a set of balls of not. Don’t disappoint us, and make sure that someone videos you when you ask it. They will most likely cut it from the recording.

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Make her read this based lad

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ia it possible to achieve zen through anal fisting french boys like foucault? how does one learn this power?

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Can someone help me with Foucault’s conception of power?

How can power be decentralized and in a hierarchy at the same time?

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Gravity’s Rainbow
Discipline & Punish
Unironically Romeo and Juliet
>romantic poet
Edgar Allen Poe
>modernist poet
W.B. Yeats

R8 my taste

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Is Foucault's historical a priori the ultimate in Kantian thought?

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I haven't quite read any Jap literature except Mishima's The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea. I have heard that Foucault mentioned mentioned that the Japanese culture was more open to sexuality, but did he mean by this? Why is their porn censored then? CAN FREUD EXPLAIN KANCHO?
Also, can you recommend literature on tthe Japanese culture of sexuality?

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