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I'd love to kick Rene Guenon in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the full force of my steel capped toe under his chin, send that little faggot flying through the air.

As he lies on the floor, coughing and wheezing and chocking on his own blood, his jaw a mangled mess of bones detached from the rest of his skull, I stand over him and laugh wickedly. He looks up at me in fear and pain, his eyes searching, begging me for mercy. He finds none. I raise my boot then stomp down, splitting his skull like a melon and finally ending his pathetic life

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Why did he convert to Islam? Why not remain a Catholic? What about Orthodoxy? Why did he have leave Christianity?

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Did any western philosopher ever try to mount a serious defense against Guenon's charges or did they pretty much all concede that he was right?

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> tfw when you, as a Frenchman, do the most utterly untraditional thing a Frenchman at the time could possibly do (convert to Islam) and 90 years later, people on internet message boards call you a "traditionalist"

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Something that I've noticed is that people who take an interest in Guenon, Sankara, Sufism etc and who express an antipathy towards 'multiplicity' typically suffer from inwards flaws that make them seek to disassociate them from themselves, to metaphysically 'cuckold' themselves out of existence as it were. They then project this attitude onto everything and everyone which is why like western buddhists and anglo protestants they take to proselytizing their newfound beliefs because it helps to fill the hole in their heart...

Everyone who obsesses over "traditionalist" philosophy and the above thinkers all do so because they have some ingrained flaw, either they are ugly, too short, don't have good social skills, unintelligent, the list goes on, either that or it's because they've messed up their life in some way. Reading these figures acts as a consolation because that way it helps one convince themselves that none of these things actually mattered or have real significance, because "only God is real lol', it functions as form of catharsis, it's all very transparent and amusing for me to observe...

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>thought the caste system in India was good
why do you fags like him again?

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I was interested in zen buddhism, then found out it was just quasi-vedanta, and vedanta itself is just an archaic form of Guenonian thought. Now I'm thinking sufism is the way to go. Any advice on on where to start with islam as a white westerner? Im new to Guenon and was wondering where to start with his work on islam?

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all bait aside is this guy good to learn about eastern tradition? looking over the recent buddhist threads im not entirely sure anymore. I was thinking about picking Intro. to Hindu Doctrines and from there maybe book up a original text with his other hindu studies book?

>serious replies pls

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I really want to read guenon but I don't know exactly what he contributed to philosophy and how its applicable now. Also, can I read his stuff and not become hindu and still take stuff from his works? Like idk what fascinates him so much but I'm planning to follow the chart /lit/ made about him but I also don't want to waste my time with some hinduism shit. Please help? Thanks

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Oh it’s a “church” alright.

>But this is not yet all, for one other thing under the heading of 'counterfeit' is perhaps even more worthy of note than anything mentioned so far, and that is the requirement imposed on anyone who wants to practise psychoanalysis as a profession of being first 'psychoanalyzed' himself. This implies above all a recognition of the fact that the being who has undergone this operation is never again the same as he was before, in other words, to repeat an expression already used above, it leaves in him an ineradicable imprint, as does initiation, but as it were in an opposite sense, for what is here in question is not a spiritual development, but the development of an inferior psychism. In addition, there is an evident imitation of the initiatic transmission; but, bearing in mind the difference in the nature of the influences that intervene, and in view of the fact that the production of an effective result does not allow the practice to be regarded as nothing but a mere pretence without real significance, the psycho-analytic transmission is really more comparable to the transmission effected in a domain such as that of magic, or even more accurately that of sorcery. And there remains yet anothervery obscure point concerning the actual origin of the transmission: it is obviously impossible to give to anyone else what one does not possess oneself, and moreover the invention of psychoanalysis is quite recent; so from what source did the first psychoanalysts obtainthe 'powers' that they communicate to their disciples, and by whom were they themselves 'psychoanalyzed' in the first place? To ask this question is only logical, at least for anyone capable of a little reflection, though it is probably highly indiscreet, and it is more than doubtful whether a satisfactory answer will ever be obtained; but even without any such answer this kind of psychic transmission reveals a truly sinister 'mark' in the resemblances it calls to mind:from this point of view psychoanalysis presents a rather terrifying likeness to certain 'sacraments of the devil'.

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source: The Misdeeds Of Psychoanalysis By René Guénon

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>*blocks your path*

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>pfft the stupid western canon can never compare to the BASED eastern tradition, do you even know how advanced those BASED indians were? hah of course not you stupid brainlet, all I need is the upanishads!

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I heard someone once say here that Heidegger's conception of truth (a unity of the immanent and the transcedent) was ani-traditional, although didn't elabourate. Is that not literally what Guenon says though in the Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines? Ie. That truth is found by removing the distinction of subject and object through ascetecism?
Am I wrong here? Any anon please help me out here.

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What Guénon books should I read? He has so fucking many, I am reading the Symbols of Sacred Science, because I like thinking about symbols, and it is interesting, but I would like to know more about his more general thought.

Like his metaphyiscs, his views on various religions and things like zodiac, which he has mentioned in this book.

So out of the like 30 possible books which are good ones to start with?

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>Indeed, some of the problems commonly engaging the attention of philosophical thought appear to be deprived, not only of all importance, but of any meaning as well; a host of problems arise resting solely upon some ambiguity or upon a confusion of points of view, problems that only exist in fact because they are badly expressed, and that normally should not arise at all. In most cases therefore, it would in itself be sufficient to set these problems forth correctly in order to cause them to disappear, were it not that philosophy has an interest in keeping them alive, since it thrives largely upon ambiguities.

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leave Deleuze to me

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Was he right about all traditions having a common source? That there's one true human religion with many traditions?

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Was he happy?

All the bullshit aside. Whether you agree with him or not. He lived what he preached. Do you think it made him happy in the end?

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So whose gonna give a rundown on this guys metaphysics?
I read Intro to Hindu and the majority of it was like:
Metaphysics is immutable and universal.
You can't logic into it, it comes as an apprehension of intuitive insight, or somthing.

What is his metaphysics?
How do I apprehend it, if you can't logic into it?
What practices should I do to experience it? Meditation? Read the Gita?

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