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This. Try,
>Feelings of inadequacy waxed over him, dissolving all productive thoughts into a disabling notion of embarrassment. Dejected, Arthur sighed deeply, standing up from his wobbling desk to glance over the work that he'd wrought over several hours. He shook his head as he dragged, deep and long, on his cigarette. His room was spartan, joyless; a decaying thing, the yellowed wallpaper peeled and cracking in many places. Though never churlish, Arthur was ever the misanthrope, never one to entertain guests or suffer the company of others. No, he was a guarded man, allowing no soul to enter his sanctum, err he be betrayed or worse: disappointed.

There are more organic descriptive devices at your disposal; "warp" in this context is shop talk that even some sci-fi readers would be hard-pressed to comprehend. Seriously: manifest, materialize, instantiate (maybe), etc. will work just fine.

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