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How can I get my daughter to get interested in Marxist literature?

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what is there to read in babylonian?

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Books where the protagonist is a loli?

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Who is this harlot?

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Where is SIEGE?

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Is that guy in the drawing a nigger?

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its like 200 pages

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Nice digits, what the fuck is this supposed to be?

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Never read a book or poem in my whole life, and I'm not kidding. Even in school I refused to read anything remotely connected to literature, and would rather copy another student's review of a book in hopes that the teacher wouldn't notice, rather than reading said book myself.
However, since I started to change my life a few weeks ago, which includes a healthy diet, exercising regularly and waking up early, I also decided to pick up literature and finally start reading books. Are there any books which a failure like me could read, which aren't too overwhelming for the start?

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>autistic dark

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