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I would recommend to start with modern classics. For a new reader they will be easier to read, and they will form a reading habit on you. Then, after you have read some and feel ready, your pic is recommended, skipping the medical and some scientifical writings of course. If you get bored of the list you can read a modern book and then go back at it.
You don't need to read the book N° 0, since you have already read some classics and understand how to read.

Another thing is that it lacks some authors that I would mark as essentials. For example, in the ancient greeks part, Hesiod or Apollodorus aren't there. I'd recommend to read Hesiod after Homer. Apollodorus myth can help you to understand tragedies.

A last thing, at the time The Iliad was written, the myth lf how the Troy war started was common knowledge, and The Iliad starts at the last year of the war, so I would recommend you to search what was the origin of the war so that you'll understand the story better.

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Hey you can pick something from this list. If you are interested in something more specific let me know :)

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Check out the sticky thread. Those are not books for "beginners", you should start with these

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King is extremely accessible. It's good you're starting there. But you should read more than him. Start with the books in this chart.

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Can you all please rate my reading list: https://pnrtscr.com/ck08e6

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We got a wiki with all the charts, start with something you find interesting

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kek you are supposed to find a middle ground between this instead of going from Diary of a Wimpy Kid right into a complex 600+ pages literature bro. Read simpler and shorter stuff such as The Hobbit as some anons already stated, then when you are feeling like you are more comfortable, read some high school core books, pic related. Try to slowly make your way into harder and longer books

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Start with easier books. Easier does not necessarily mean worse, just like there are incredibly cryptic yet bad books.
The /lit/ starter kit—and highschoolcore in general—contains books that have simpler prose and, more importantly, subtext that is easier to pick up.
Whilst you are reading try to think about /why/ the book was written. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it requires cultural or historical context. You don't need to write an essay after every book, but thinking about it helps. For example, once you finish a reading session, think about what happened, how it was told and might it be building up to.
Also, to echo >>20064144 you are reading for fun, not for a test, so it's not crucial that you get the 'correct' answer. If you read books with more obvious messages (e.g., every book about racism) you become attuned to how authors try to convey them; you start noticing what is said and what is left unsaid, and when this matters.

In short, read books you think you will understand (and enjoy—feel free to read whatever) and think about what it means and why it was written.

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Just start reading

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Anon should read them eventually but starting with them if they just came from video games and capeshit movies is retarded. Just start with pic rel

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My work gave me a 30$ coupon to use in a local bookstore for my birthday but I never read so idk what to get.

Should I pick some random books from this image or are there better ones you would recommend?

I'm an ESL so I enjoy something straight forward without buzzwords. I don't like authors that try too hard to seem smart with their wording.

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>To Kill a Mockingbird
Never read American classics and this didn't impress me. Is it worth going through the rest of these books?

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Literally just use the starter kit. High school core books that aren't too difficult but still rise to the level of "literature." If even that's too much just try and get him to read anything at all. Pulpy genre fiction, graphic novels, whatever. What's most important is to impress upon him the idea that learning new things isn't that difficult and also can be fun. The American education system will have (by design) thoroughly disabused him of these notions, so expect some resistance.

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What makes a book entry-/lit/ and not top-tier intelligent 145+ IQ but also not midwit trash loser bargain-bin literature?

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Hey /lit/, newfag here. What are the best /lit/-related charts? I checked the sticky and of course there are tons, but I am curious: what are YOUR guys' favorite charts? Which ones are considered "the best"?

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I got a few books! I got American Psycho, 1984 and Harry Potter (lol). I've never read any of them. I looked for these and they had none aside from The Great Gatsby. The rest were all available only in non english.

Anything you recommend I look for anon?

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