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neither is reading prose, i just dont rlly care :^)

fucking queers shitting your diaper because NOOO ANON ISNT READING IT WIT DA LINES SPACED LIKE IN DA ORIGINAL what do you think that youre personally getting to know Homer? are you honoring him? a more significant criticism would be "youre reading a translation too modern, id suggest an earlier one like _____ which captures the general tone better" not

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>Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)22:27:23 No.18942399>>18942389(You)
>stop shilling your terrible video you fucking geek

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>umm you're using it sweaty

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>when the new book doesn't have enough rape

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>This is why mobile niggers need to be banned

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>I literally can't find memes that represent how fucking stupid you people are.
>>LARPing do-nothing Nazis, suck Jew dick all day
>>LARPing tranny monsters claiming to be women
>You, /lit/, you are the worst offender. It is physically impossible for a tranny to become a woman. It is incredibly dangerous for a /pol/ Nazi to go out and physically fight and kill Jews.
>You, however, in order to realize and legitimize this delusion you use to substantiate your ego, the only fucking thing you have to do is read. That's it. You just have to read an argument, a few fucking paragraphs. Despite this, you refuse to do it. That's how fucking pathetic this shit is.
>You are forced to LARP about being "literate and intelligent" because you have no willingness to actually legitimize your fantasy of being "literate and intelligent" by engaging with people by reading text and making sensible responses. That's fucking tragic.

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My argument is sounder than most takes here. Read this description by Aristotle of what a tragedy is from Poetics

“Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artistic ornament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation of these emotions. By 'language embellished,' I mean language into which rhythm, 'harmony' and song enter. By 'the several kinds in separate parts,' I mean, that some parts are rendered through the medium of verse alone, others again with the aid of song.”

If you’ve read Matthew, you’d know that the coming tragedy is what moves the plot. All the episodes of Matthew are overshadowed by this tragedy. Aristotlean tragedy has all-encompassing unity and that is precisely what you see in Matthew’s narrative. The plot is developed through conflict and it is through this conflict that you see the characters develop in kind.

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I’ve been cheating on my history and geology tests for the entire semester since I wanted more free time but after reading what everyone in this thread is saying I’m gonna just do the material and study

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>sophomore at a cc, I'm not paying any more than I have to
>all As to this point, faceroll easy, spend around 3 hours a week total
>class is going fine, but havent gotten grades back on paper, and it's been over a month
>email "we need to talk"
>claims I paid someone to write my paper
>isn't happy that I wrote it
>now says it wasn't formatted correctly, and that I wasn't supposed to title the paper
>wants me to write in the first person
>uses "it's" to show posession and the wrong "than" several times in the emails after making a stink in the syllabus about professional email exchanges
How the fuck do these cunts make it through school? Do they just hand out PhDs to anyone with a cunt?

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>The alternative is current economic consensus
Uh huh that's working out great

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>"history is written by the victor"
What about WW2?
>"oy vey the WW2 narrative is 100% unbiased and accurate, my jewishness is pure coincidence goy"
Every. Time.

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sugma claimed another...

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This is going to be banned probably because mods are allergic to pone, but mlp fanfiction is unironically some of the best literature I've ever read.

My personal favourite is 120 days of Blueblood

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>Yes. The ''problem'' of evil is pure sentimentalism
This is true, but you don't want to learn too hard on this argument because at the end of the day all that Christian-posters really have to convince people that Christianity is true is appeals to sentimentality

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>>15429661 (You)

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It's a book that keeps getting posted by the author under the guise of genuinely asking about its nature and contents. The author might be in this very thread, and no amount of shilling will fix his shitty book

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>Didn't you read that Dosto novel about an American?

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