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dis nigga running out of trolls

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>Women are psychologically weak with a vague sense of self. That’s why they need men to tell them what to do. Just be the opposite of that and you’re golden. Also dress nice.
Anon, most posters on this board are psychologically weak with a vague sense of self and are perpetually upset that they can't be the opposites of themselves.

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How do I read 400 pages in 2 days?

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>I'm tired of how faith is looked down upon and the smug satisfaction that overcomes people by dismissing religion without even understanding it.

If you're in it for the social status yngmi. Esteem will not save you.

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"To be a human being among human beings, and remain one forever, no matter what misfortunes befall, not to become depressed, and not to falter--this is what life is, herein lies its task."

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>a post by a person concealing his identity
>it's signed as "Anonymous"

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>no bro you don't get it, this 2000 year old carpenter cult is the ONLY true religion!!! nothing that ever came before or after has any validity and all religious thought and feeling taken generally is completely meaningless, hollow or even demonic, but THIS ONE CULT is the correct one bro! trust me bro this is it!

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My diary desu

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My Diary Desu

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>make a post
>realize it's embarrassingly bad
>think to myself "I didn't write that, I didn't write that, I didn't write that, I didn't write that".
>close the tab
>turn off the computer and go to the gym
books that talk about this feeling?

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>my inside is filled with hair

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Post the worst interpretation of a philosopher that you ever read. This shit makes cringe really hard and I thought it was satire for a moment.

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>Decide to check out /lit/ because wanted to read more
>It's Christians talking about drinking Satan's cum
Is this /pol/ 2.0?

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How do I take the first step? I know what I want to write, and I have no problem writing out scenes, but I can never puzzle out how to get started on the first few paragraphs.

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what is this thread

sure there are retards in stem, but that's every field, 90% of people in college are nothing special, me included
personally i'm into engineering because i like robots n shiet, but i could very well see myself going for a literature degree a few years down the line
actually why is this place so bitter, fuck this, go read a book instead of shitposting already

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1. Your favorite fiction book
2. Your favorite nonfiction book
3. What do you fear most?
>Don Quixote
>Storm of Steel
>Torture involving my nails or genitals.

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I'm finding it increasingly difficult to give a shit, /lit/. Rec me some books for ennui.

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I have porn addiction. I usually read Ntr and this type of doujins but I don't see my self as cuck but some times i see myself as Dom guy or person from above TRP.
I have seen increasing amount of Bbc cuck treads on /gif and in porn in general. Too much of cuck porn is coming out.

And guy from 18-24 are searching for cuck shit. Is it then end for us.
Guys already have penis problems mine is small mine is medium, manlets crying. All of this and Watching porn in that guys have big dicks and they get women easily.
Their insecurities and porn making it worse by Watching cuck shit.

I have been looking into this. I found some couples do it because they have talked and set boundaries. Some do it where wife has a husband a boyfriend and some sex toys as men.
Sometimes women lose respect and love for their man. And get motherly protected while fucking other men. In nearly every frame you look at it we give to much power to women and to our insecurities that eventually lead our fall.

I have read some stories where wife gets pregnant by the bull And cuck accepts it.wtf

In some cases women do slutty shit with bull but won't even kiss or touch cucks dick they completely deined sexual pleasure to their man and fuck with bull. Spent times with em watch movies. Where some women won't even let their men have fun with other women.
>We are giving too much power to women and Pussy

Women gets to act like sluts get fucked by anyone and they still have a "man" at disposal at home. Some of em have kids and still do this shit.
I'm not going against anyone's sexual preference.but it's automatically fucking up my generation. Setting us up to fail.

I don't know bro what the fuck to do.
I'm on Nofap and Noporn trying improve. And get over my insecurities. If I don't am I doomed

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-Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
-The Tunnel - William H. Gass
-Essays and Aphorisms - Arthur Schopenhauer
-The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch - Philip K. Dick
-The Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord
-The Denial of Death - Ernest Becker
-Nausea - Jean-Paul Sartre
-Spinal Catastrophism: A Secret History - Thomas Moynihan
-Bronze Age Mindset - Bronze Age Pervert
-Harassment Architecture - Mike Ma
-The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway
-Journey to the End of the Night - Louis-Ferdinand Céline

pretty slow desu

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>not every bad person is a jew but every jew is a bad person
books with this feel

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>not the whole truth
I don't think anyone here would dispute that white people with connections, or white people writing something positive for the prevailing ideology, wouldn't get published. Even people of different races trying to write something against the anti-racist feminist globalist line would have difficulty, even with mild criticism, even something not explicitly in favor of all those things at once would have trouble. You have to write about their ideology, and it absolutely helps if you're a 'minority' in the West, but it ultimately isn't required.

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