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>cold turkey
Taper off if possible, even a 3 day gradual decrease will soften the withdrawals considerably. Obviously the worst case scenario is "just" crawling skin, anxiety/depression and insomnia, nothing like the benzo or booze nightmare, but it's a needless bother. I always taper off for tolerance breaks but this time I lost control and ate everything up like a fool.
>I suspect I actually did die and now I'm trapped in the bad timeline
Lmao, same here. 15 years ago I ran for a leaving train, tripped just before hopping in and my friends pulled me in the last millisecond. Everything went to shit since then, every day I'm more and more convinced I died there.

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I'm 31

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I have a paper that was assigned in February due in a few days and I haven’t even started.

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>graduate media studies 5 years ago
>NEET mode, complete hermit, no social media
>decide to check out what Stacey has been up to
>had crush on her but barely interacted because I'm schizoid incel
>she's a hot girl from showbiz family, was already on TV back then
>hold on, Stacey is a novelist now as well
>her second novel is some lazy 50 shades of grey copycat
>here it comes
>The Chad character is named after me, only one letter in surname is changed
>his "dark and damaged" traits like alcoholism and unresolved past with ex are based on me
>(had no idea she even knew this about me)
>otherwise he's alpha macho who owns the business where I worked as lowly intern and got fired because of drinking
>there are several detailed descriptions of passionate sex between Stacey's self-insert and Chad
This is surreal. I'm a literal Chad and didn't even have sex in 11 years. The books is selling well too.

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>I burnt their adolescent boys [and] girls
Why burn the girls? I'd take a loli slave instead.

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Think I'm finally going insane. Spent a long time in absolute social isolation doing nothing but reading horror literature with horror film/game soundtrack as ambience, working on my own short stories as well.

Past few weeks though I feel that my schizoid disorder has advanced into early schizophrenia. Hard to put it into words, but somehow the present is fading into bizarre sensation of deja vus where summers from 15 years ago are blending into the anticipation of summer to come. Non-existence of Now, only hot summer months of mid 00's and the summer of 2021. Like it's the inevatible end I've been moving towards all that time.

Not to mention that I despise summers.

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