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Why do rap musicians display such gaudy, ostentatious displays of wealth? I am aware that underground rappers might be more averse to this, and it is likely mostly mainstream rappers who do the gold chain, gold rims, and diamond grill getup. But if this is the case, why? These getups aren’t even done with any discern for taste, they’re tacky symbols designed purely to announce wealth. It’s as if they expect this to bring them respect, but ironically they preemptively rebuttal the hatred which they expect in their own songs. This, of course, is all done for show, probably just to attract attention. They are drawn to these ridiculous, sad getups from the austerity of their own lives into an island of retreat, into which the rappers put enticing things into their songs; things such as sex, drugs, money, and violence. All things specifically designed to attract the most suppressed desires of people, who take comfort in the idea of the gangster outside the law who simultaneously lives all the commodities they strive towards, and achieves all the things they want most in life, pretty much uniformly embodying the rags to riches irony of their manufactured, commodified images by record companies. Would it profitable for the rapper to rap about anything other than these ironies? No. They merely are merely pimping themselves out to get money, and the irony is that their whole message is admitted and contained on the very surface of thousands of mainstream rap songs which taunt our ears with their manufactured rebellion, blaring out of peoples windows on the street. What’s worse is you hardly hear anyone playing anything different out of their car windows, because it is only rap fans who would be so stupid and shallow that they would taunt people with its sound.

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>considering an IJ reread when you haven't even read C&P

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What metric does Harold Bloom use as criteria for what counts as "the best that has been written"? When you hear the works he mentions, it's hard to disagree, but nevertheless, it's difficult to even defend his position without having a rational basis to justify it to others who aren't inclined to agree on the basis of initial gut reaction that the works he elevates are truly "the best that has been written". A lot of people would argue that there is no objective way by which to judge art, and even more people would say that he's upholding some structure of cis white hetero patriarchy, or something. It becomes even more necessary upon closer inspection that an rational is not only necessary, but crucial for Bloom's defense.

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Is it the greatest novel of all time like Bloom says, or is his brand of criticism outdated?

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If Bogie had a baby with this man

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...you guys realize no one takes him seriously, right?

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Is literary criticism worth getting into, or are literary critics just turgid, pontificating hacks of no discernible talent? Pic related strikes me as a hack.

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Do you think Harold Bloom ever smokes weed?

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J.D. Salinger writes like an absolute cretin

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How does he do it, /lit/?

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You know who was an Anglo? Shakespeare, Shakespeare was an Anglo. Milton was an Anglo? You know who else was? Herman Melville. You know who else? William Faulkner. You know who else? etc...

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>watches anime

This is a bigger sign someone isn't going to make it than being a virgin. You have no taste.

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>Better than Shakespeare

You better be reading it in Spanish to say something like that.

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>chapter doesn’t include a brief summary before the chapter begins

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Prove to me right here, right now that this guy right here isn't retarded.

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>Here's an authoritative list of what counts as "canonical"
>Here's a book of my really shitty point-missing opinions about Blake
>Literature is primarily a visual experience, pls just ignore these centuries of oral tradition
>Here's a terrible "gnostic" novel that I'll later try to have every extant copy destroyed

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Is reading literary criticism cheating? That is, if I cant’t figure out what a text means, or if I want a deeper understanding of a text, is it standard practice to turn to literary criticism?

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>High school reading list book
>writer was a professional editor who, even if you want to argue is not good, you can't argue is easy to read.
Morrison is the epitome of clear and simple writing, and then she does dark subjects in that simple clear voice and normal people lose their shit. You might just be trash at thinking.

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>take English class at Yale
>professor is (((Harold Bloom)))
>as an icebreaker he asks us to name what we think is one of the greatest works of literature
>though he says this is an icebreaker I surmise it’s really a quite unsurreptitious attempt to judge our tastes and preassign grades so the fat lazy Jew doesn’t have to do any work
>ie if you say Hamlet you automatically get an A
>decide to fuck with this egotistical shylock
>”Ah, yes Rabbi Bloom . . . perhaps the most ehm exquisite work of art is . . . The Flight to Lucifer.”
>that got his attention
>the kike starts to slowly lose it
>he is visibly sweating, turning red
>he starts shouting kabbalistic chants at me
>tells me to get out, I’ve failed the class
>”No Schlomo Bloom, it is you have failed. Your one attempt to create what you so heavily criticise failed. You are a failure. Merely a spectator. You’ll never be a creator.”
Oh, btw the way, that student who was me, was John Green.

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Has the Internet poisoned our true developmental potential like Bloom said?

Instead of molding our minds on Shakespeare, Dante, Cervantes, Tolstoy, etc., these texts now have to compete with Netflix, Instagram, YouTube, Superhero movies, the rise of obsessive fandom (Harry Potter, Star Wars) et al.

How can we compete against these distractions when they are in your face at all times, from when you wake up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night, and even then they do not stop producing.

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>writer's block is a myth
If you can't go forward with your story, set it aside and come back to it when theMuses call.
>plot is essential
Literary fiction's primary concern is truth, but the point in using fiction to explore or demonstrate it to dramatize it. Prose style is secondary. Stop focusing on purple prose, you're an ultra pleb for measuring a story or book by that alone.
>buying books for their covers is vapid; reading alone is ignorant
Buy more useful editions, like Norton Critical. Stop pretending to be a prodigy; you can't embrace complex texts alone, peer discussion and secondary texts are extremely helpful and enlightening.

Well, /lit/, what are your truth-bombs?

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>mfw reading this
Wendy leaves with Finn and they head to a gated and protected community in Minnesota called Forening. There Wendy meets her biological mother, Queen Elora, who is aloof and distant with her. Wendy learns she is a princess and will become queen of this community upon Queen Elora's death. She also meets Rhys, who is a mansklig, which is the human child that is taken when the Trylle offspring is left behind. She learns that Trylle have various supernatural abilities at various strengths and she starts instruction on learning to develop and control her ability. Wendy is invited to sit in on royal meetings with high ranked members of the community, with results that Elora shows displeasure with because Wendy does not understand Trylle protocol. Wendy also gets the sense that there some background information that is being withheld.

Whilst wandering the Palace for more information, Wendy breaks into a locked room stocked with many undisplayed paintings. Finn finds her and tells her that Elora's Trylle power is of precognition that she can only express through painting. Finn tells her of the societal rules of the Trylle; whilst the Princess, Queens and Marksinna (nobles) are the highest, the Trackers and mänsklig are considered even lower than the peasantry. Finn begins to tutor her in the history and etiquette of the Trylle so that Wendy can properly handle her future role as Queen and not embarrass Elora. He warns Wendy that she cannot become involved with Rhys past a platonic level as it would "corrupt" the bloodline of the royalty, and the strong powers held by the royals would cease to exist.

An introductory ball is scheduled to be held in Wendy's honour. Elora tells Wendy that she will be choosing a more appropriate name for her Trylle life. Wendy says that she does not want to and will not, much to Elora's annoyance. Elora speaks with Finn and he resigns. Wendy finds him before he goes and the two share a kiss. Finn says that he cannot allow her to proceed.

At Wendy's ball, the Vittra attack, forcing the Trylle that possess helpful powers to retaliate. During the fight Jen, the Vittra tracker who had previously attacked Wendy when trying to kidnap her, rounds on her, knocking Rhys unconscious in the process. Finn returns, almost losing his life to aid the princess. Tove, a young Markis, uses psychokinesis to save Finn's life and successfully get rid of Jen. Elora and the other Trylle manage to quell the Vittra threat. Finn and Wendy reunite, until Elora informs Wendy that Finn has left, having been transferred once more. Wendy reacts angrily and uses her persuasive powers on Rhys to get him to drive her back to Matt and Maggie.

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Any good books on the feeling of being completely disillusioned by modern society and humanity?

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