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>don't give access to knowledge to a person
>person turns out dumb
>wow humanity is a charade

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>his prose is horrifically garbage
>Былa чyднaя нoчь, тaкaя нoчь, кoтopaя paзвe тoлькo и мoжeт быть тoгдa, кoгдa мы мoлoды, любeзный читaтeль. Heбo былo тaкoe звeзднoe, тaкoe cвeтлoe нeбo, чтo взглянyв нa нeгo, нeвoльнo нyжнo былo cпpocить ceбя нeyжeли жe мoгyт жить пoд тaким нeбoм paзныe cepдитыe и кaпpизныe люди? Этo тoжe мoлoдoй вoпpoc, любeзный читaтeль, oчeнь мoлoдoй, нo пoшли eгo вaм гocпoдь чaщe нa дyшy!..

No results except Reddit (of course), Quora, and Nabokov's famously edgy "Lectures on Russian Literature". Are you actually that retarded that this counts as renown?

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>because free will

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What the fuck. You read it to learn. Do you not value learning dumb dumb?

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>Shakespeare is the most overrated writer that has ever existed

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>would of

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>if god real why bad things habben

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>if man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings

>artificial intelligence is incapable of comprehending semantics

>intelligence is incapable of comprehending semantics

anon i have bad news about your brain

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>someone with legitimate credentials isn't also able to have pretense.

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>he prefers early Nick Land to Dark Enlightenment Nick Land

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>academy of ideas is on par with the fucking golden one

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wow, dat's deep....

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>a private company cancelling someone is the same as an authoritarian dictatorship

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mama say roy tony bad man

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>I was never in the market for philosophy
>reads a philosophy book then bitches its about philosophy

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which classics can I read before the Bible?

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Then why does he constantly pretend that he's not? Hasn't he claimed to not be a nihilist (genuinely asking)? He must just be a disingenuous asshole.
>He just studies what is and gives an ought framework based around what he defines as 'well-being' (not being sad and just being happy or something based around fMRI scans)
He's an 1800s utilitarian, and he hopefully wouldn't actually believe that any of his oughts should be implemented if he were to actually comprehend their logical implications. There are an infinite amount of ways you can reduce his argument to seemingly-evil insanity.
>No more grievance over death of those you love to preserve your 'well-being'
>Genetically engineer human-like organisms to be in constant states of however you define 'well-being' and put them into mass pleasure-domes
>'Brave New World'-esque society based around drugs
If Sam wishes to remain consistent with what he posits, he must accept these things as preferable to him. If he does, which I'm sure he doesn't, he's a piece of shit.

If he were to say something along the lines of, "I'm just using this as a hueristic, man. Stop taking it so serious, bro." then it's even worse, because he spends the entirety of the book insulting moral philosophies, hand-waiving things away like a fucking child, and pretending that he found some solution to the conundrum of morality and nihilism. You don't like discussion on the meta, deontology, or moral philophy of any sort? Cool. Now fuck off, you psued.

Here's another idea for Sam, and I unironically do not think he considered this. You don't need fucking space-age technology to tell if somebody is doing well. You don't need a fucking brain scan to tell that somebody is sad, depressed, angry, or not doing well. We've been able to tell for millions of years, and fixing it isn't always the right path. People need to feel grievance, anger, pain, terror, and depression. What does this retard want? I'm so fucking confused.

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