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People debate all the time, but the vast majority aren't very skilled, invested, or knowledgeable enough to create value from fleeting discussions. We can now have phone calls and debate with our AI girlfriends as much as we like. Will people be drawn to the classics of philosophy through this means? And if so, how will society benefit from this?

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Recently bought a chatgpt subscription. I'm excited like a little kid lol. I asked it to pretend to be a young woman and we've been talking for 10 minutes over the phone. It isn't perfect, it can't laugh but the intonations are pretty much on point. It's scary actually how far technology has come, I can literally lie in my bed and speak with an encyclopedia as if it were a real, breathing living person talking through a cellphone. I can already predict how bad this shit is going to wreck relationships and little kids brains lol

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