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>Wrote an essay about negative impacts of third world immigration mainly from the Middle East and North Africa, on Europe
>Got a number 1 which is the best you can get here
Should I become a political writer anons ?

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>Slow zoom in on the If castle
>Ali smokes a cigar from a balcony
>Haydee stays outside for a while then goes back in the castle
>Monte cristo inserts DVD drive into PC
>Giddies with excitement before starting ali_pasha_leaks.exe
>moonwalks to the beat of the boombox while executing find_my_daddy.exe
>spins around then launches its_bankruptcy_time.exe
>Puffs his cigar
>Leans backs
>Murmurs "revenge is fun"
>Releases a cloud of smoke before noticing Haydee smiling at him

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>When you bend your book so much that it opens exactly where you last read without any help

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72k words. I can't be stopped. I'm the juggernaut.

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Is there anything more satisfying than the feeling of overcoming cognitive dissonance?

That is, learning a past assumption was wrong then accepting it as such.

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>mfw same

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it's not a stack thread without this pic

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>purchase two books from separate publishing houses
>they fit perfectly next to each other in the bookshelf

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put me in the screencap

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