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Yes, ideology is important, I don't think I made an argument against it, I made an argument it's not just ideology. The creator of Singapore, who created the country to be racially diverse admitted that the different groups would vote for different things because Civic Nationalism is the belief any race can have a singular national identity. Except the United States was not built as a multiracial and multicultural country, quite the contrary, it was established as a singular race and singular culture like the overwhelming majority of countries on earth, just look at the Naturalization act of 1790 signed into law by President George Washington which established the country as a country of white people. If a country wants to be racially diverse, let them, but don't make a false belief that the US is one when it's not and never was until our politicians changed it without our consent in 1965. The America my parents and grandparents grew up in is gone, and the America my children will grow up in will be more different than mine and their children's America is going to be even more foreign in every scope. Ideology isn't the only thing that makes up a nation.

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