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I'm starting to think that Dracula was only a hit because women want to fuck him.

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Yes she and I need time and a nice low-stress setting to figure things out

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I have one kinda under work, it's called electric boogaloo because the boy gets eletric shocks to his testicles if he doesn't present his butt for spanking the right way.

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People I encounter consider Murakami almost inaccesible high literature and I'm talking about highly educated writers and teachers.

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I write spanking stuff on Amazon but there are limits and I've had books outright banned. I've thought about just moving onto longer "romance" with billionaires.

18 but 3 are so shit that I don't want them associated with my good name so they aren't available anymore.

>Do you sell the short stories one by one?

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I turned my copy of The Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel into a flesh light. I did this by drilling a hole into the side of book. I then coated the insides with some rubber so I wouldn't cut by dick with the paper. Then I went to town. Only read like 18 pages before I dropped it. Found it more useful using it as a sex toy then a piece of literature.

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I readn't

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>read a book that I dropped in the bath
>wonder if other people can tell that I dropped it in the bath

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>tfw she takes out quizzing glasses during sex

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just found out that wittgenstein was a faggot

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Good point.

So what are some good skill based games?

Hold 'Em?

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> mfw I just realized he acted that way in that interview because he was trying to eventually make a move on her (the interviewer)

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