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What are some good books that advocate for kicking homosexuals in the chin and sending them flying across the room?

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Is the main appeal of materialism the fact that it allows you to reject responsibility?

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I'm not racist. I just don't want any foreigners in my country.

There is literally nothing you can say against this. If you ask me why, I'll ask you why you want foreigners in my country. And if you explain yourself in any way, you always end up just using racialist talking points but in the foreigner's favor by explaining how they have totally unique experiences inherent not to the fact that they lived in a different environment but due to the fact that they have a different skin color. You then explain how this will totally improve our society because it just will ok, even cob these brownies all think exactly the same, and they all agree with you for some reason or would rather support your party in the next election simply out of self-interest.

There is literally no reason to import foreigners other than to keep alive an inflated industry. All of this is due to the modern human being's obsession with "human liberty" and denial of the fact that he deserves to be subordinated

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is it true that science killed philosophy?

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u wont do shit timmy

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>I cant wait for the day when we finally get evidence for all phenomenon being just a combination of material(and trust me it's coming)
literally how can you even prove this? you've already admitted that basic sense perception is not completely reliable by not simply kicking the rock and screaming "see!"
In fact, one of the strictest empiricists in history did not even believe that "matter" existed at all. What is matter anyway if not just another metaphysical abstraction?

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Why does a lie need to be tied to ethics in order for it to count as a lie? Why can't the dog just be a dog? Why can't lie just be the act of intentionally relaying inaccurate information?

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>"what is your favorite book?"
>"the Bible"

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If in order for something to count as tolerance, it must come from a place of objection (otherwise it would simply be indifference. there needs to be an effort behind toleration), and then acceptance, and since progs do not object to all things diverse and inclusive... Then what the fuck do progressives actually tolerate?

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>as it were

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"It is the sequence" and "2020" by Paul Town

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>The Stranger
>We know a lot about the main character

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How do I even start Self-Studying anything like Philosophy, Sociology or whatever the fuck? What's the system?

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>literally twitter lingo

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Is there anything more midwit and pseud than sci-fi/fantasy/capeshit nonsense?

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If you didn't read dostoevsky and tolstoy in Russian, the you didn't read them.

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Because philosophy died after Descartes.

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The crying of lot 49 may be the worst book I've ever read

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>Be russian literary character
>Have minor argument with someone
>Either try to kill them or fall into deep depression

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Another thing:

Unlike regular people, great thinkers almost never sit back and say "All is well" even if there is no great trouble going on. People like Nietzsche even try to intellectualize this with doctrines of "eternal struggle". Similar thoughts come from religious people.

And even when they accomplish their moral, philosophical, political whatever goals, they don't remain happy for long and need something else to be displeased with. Like Stalin, who always needed someone new to conspire against him so he could purge. Or Hitler, who was not content merely to expel the Jews or take Czechoslovakia, he wasn't happy and needed more.

There's this fundamental discontent with reality as it is and it seems there's no real solution that can enable them to be happy with it. How can this be considered anything but mania, or some other mental illness?

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why is there a femdomcuck in this thread?

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What book are you currently reading?

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