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I'm trying to work out what makes a YA novel so popular and able to affect millions of people. For example, The Hunger Games? Of course we have the basics: solid plot and characters, but there's something else. It's to do with human relationships - new, strange, fertile ground for 'young adults' indeed, what with young love and exploring sexuality etc. So in the Hunger Games we have the latter but framed by a dystopian socio-political order that at all points threatens and disrupts those emotional bonds.

YA writers, what else goes into a great Ya novel? What makes it connect and affect millions of people?

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I don't know what's come over me, but I want to write a story. The problem is, every time I've tried to start I physically cannot conjure up my first line. How the fuck do I overcome what should be the most basic of hurdles: the first line? How do I set the ball in motion. I have story ideas, I just have no idea how to begin the story that will UNFOLD said idea. Many thanks for your guidance.

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better than food, haven't eaten in weeks

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Favorite horror novel to read this Halloween season?

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