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go to bed zoomer

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Well that's interesting.

From my estimation you listed the few decent things those presidents ever did. You didn't mention the fact that Reagan allowed companies to buy back their own stock, or that Nixon removed us from the gold standard, or that Reagan ballooned the homeless population from almost nothing to over 2 million via his retarded policies. He also traded weapons and money for hostages, which led to more people being taken hostage, and worse than all of this is Nixon's and Reagan's war on drugs, which ballooned the prison population, strengthened the cartels, and increased the occurrence of lethal overdoses for decades to come. Also his hair-brained trickle down economic strategy DID NOT WORK at all.

You point to muh Aristotle's argument against democracy as reason for why we should make it near impossible for poor black people to vote. This is pretty ridiculous, we aren't going to have the "philosopher king" he wanted,
so I don't understand how theoretically Aristotle would be ok with democracy so long as you show some I.D. and minorities can't participate. Though even if he did, he would be dead wrong. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what to rebut
here as I think your argument is that blacks are inherently stooopid and shouldn't vote cuz dey not responsible n sheeit. An opinion straight outta /pol/ that I see often underdeveloped, as I see here.

I am perfectly fine acknowledging the difference in IQ between groups, but I don't believe that the majority of these people are not capable of basic logic and sound reasoning which is all that is required to vote.
Frankly, those qualities are lacking in the majority of the "White" electorate as well, which I think you will agree with.
I plainly do not know what you mean when you say, "Mestizo Volkswanderung into Paradisaical California." I assume this has to do with Reagan allowing in a lot of Mexican immigrants... well that would be the fault of the drug war,
which empowered the cartels in Mexico who kill thousands of civilians there every year, so I am really not surprised they would want to leave.
As for a no fault marriage, I think you are attacking this from a position of wanting to preserve the nuclear family, but I think that concept was fucked from the start. Anyways allowing people to freely exit their marriages is NOT the reason for the high divorce rate, there is something fundamentally FUCKED without culture which drives women and men to become unstable in these relationships.
Just think about it /b/roski, that's like being mad at monkeys for trying to break out of the zoo, when instead you should strive for a situation where the monkeys want to stay in the zoo and are happy there instead of just jailing them in?
I know it's a stupid analogy but it works and I wanted to include monkeys. Pic related.

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