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I'm applying for a history and political science BA. I already went down the stembug route and dropped out; this time I'm going to do what I'm actually interested in. The modern world is soulless. If i get a job out of a history and politics degree then the gamble is worth it, if not I'll just kill myself. At this point my biggest fear is being forcefed leftist ideology and being shunned because i don't start with assumptions about universal human rights or something.

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>“The prospect is that politicians of all parties will say, well, Enoch was right, we don’t say that in public, but we know it in private. So let it go on until one-third of central London, one-third of Birmingham, Wolverhampton are coloured, until the civil war comes. Let it go on. We won’t be blamed. We’ll either have gone or slip out from under somehow.”

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Any good books on this man?

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