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What book covers and resolves the feeling of sad with no ability to find happiness?

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I just wrote a little of how I would want my own book to feel like if I were to write a book. Is there any book which feels like this?

Crystal moonlight shattered glass, peers through the wake of the glistening tide, small birds fly from the glistening reflection, like like sky was glass on the sidewalk, in a puddle reflecting the sky and sun, the sun bursts forth into a array of rays, standing like pillars of ephemeral structures too transient to exist in this world of entropy. In these pillars exist the possibility of a structure, the possibility of everything, sloping down its pale, perfectly linear path in perfect negation. The birds twist and turn in the half world of the puddle, reflecting birds into the sky. The puddle is disturbed, the birds ripple through the air as the pillars of light are distorted sending the lights temple of the world into schisms. WraAaAaAa WraAaAaAa - the birds warped chirps are heard past the impossible ripples of perception.

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