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That's not my will though, that's just the will of the selfish gene.

Don't make me laugh.

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More specifically, why is having sex and social validation the most important part of our existence? If finding true love is what matters, then is it really true love if the only reason the 'other' is attracted to me is because of superficial physical attributes?

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I get to read things I like and work on mathematics, so I guess I'm.

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still waiting for the day my boy gets on the chart

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missed one

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where da boi?

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>There's absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for having children
You are a 100% correct my friend, in fact I should lead on with some of my own thoughts

>“God has died, and his death was the life of the world.”

>"The knowledge that life is worthless is the flower of all human wisdom."

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Give me cool rare philosophers that are good and offer decent perspectives of society(so pretty much any of them). And no im not talking about Foucalt,Deleuze,Rorty, or Lacan/Freud. Im talking about underground philosophers that are unknown to mainly except for the highly academic crowd like Mainlander,Guenon and Sertillanges. I want philosophers that can help one improve their life and have applicable studies in both in real life and theorizing academic papers/real life solutions to issues.

>please help? I've read all the above and the "main" philosophers are cool and all I just find the deeper specified studies cooler

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literally the blackest pill ever it consumes all and every light around. Schopenhauer & Nietzsche are baby shit compared to Mainländer, I will resign to call reading him not taking the black pill but the vantablack pill. He also killed himself which is a rare thing for philosophers, showing his relationship with his philosophy is full swing. Anyways any of you guys ave read mainländer? His stuff is currently being translated but theres a spanish translation out and some guy on reddit translated alot of his main work:https://www.reddit.com/r/Mainlander/comments/93778q/pdf_of_the_english_translations_of_mainländers/

Take the vantablack pill.

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You want to die.

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It is well known among authors and scholars that the keystone of morality is a belief in God and the immortality of the soul. For if this world is all there is, and supreme justice does not exist, a man may break every supernatural law which relies on oath and vow alone for the sake of survival. For the avowed atheist, the ideal of humanity, along with the moral law, is merely expedient, serving the purposes of the will to live alone. Mainlander, like every great genius, recognizes this truth and understands its significance. He faced a tremendous difficulty, however, when, in his philosophy, he found himself forced to proclaim the non-existence of God and subsequently of any possibility of immortal life. Fortunately for him, he had already attributed an entirely negative value to life itself, which he had demonstrated, along with Schopenhauer, to be blind will to live. Therefore, he could attribute to its alternative, that is, complete annihilation, a true, positive value, since to end life would be to solve the great moral problem which all deep thinkers face, the problem of existence. Evidently, not only is absolute annihilation into nothingness to be preferred over the never-ending "sultry saloon" of existence, but, perhaps more significantly, it is possible.

Mainlander's proof of this is perhaps dodgy at a best, for he merely provides a quite phenomenological explanation, viz., that, as far as we know, the individual will disappears utterly with the dissolution of the body, leaving, finally, only elementary particles, whose destiny is quite unknown even to science. Here, Mainlander's cosmology is admittedly obscure, for he does not explain how the individual will enters into the body upon its formation, seemingly out of the same nothingness to which it returns, and this would seem to contradict the his concept of annihilation, especially since, for him, time has a real underlay in motion, which means the flow of time corresponds to a real cosmological development. He also does not explain how the universe is so constituted that it follows the development that it does, only that, profoundly, the will to live is actually the outward garment of the will to die which characterizes all manifestation, which he interprets as a true revelation concerning the nature of God, who apparently shattered himself in order to end an eternal existence. At the moment of creation, the Deity suddenly fragmented, severing an inherent unity which was replaced by the world of plurality in which we now live. The now individual, innumerable threads of life follow out their course, ending abruptly, each in its own special time and place in the cosmos.

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Take the final black pill.

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You called?

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What to read before getting into this lad?

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Philipp Mainländer tbqh

Philosophy of Redemption is written in such a clear voice

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What keeps you from negating the "will to live" or rather life itself?

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This guy gets it. The Philosophy of Redemption is literally one of the most underrated works in philosophy in general. It is a vivid and more clear synthesis of Kant, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Nietzsche also got a lot of his own thoughts from this book.

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Philipp Mainländer

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Can we attribute extension and motion to the things-in-themselves?

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>Houses get swarmed with GARBAGE 16-21 year olds who think they're either Tolkien or Faulkner when in reality they're Tommy Wiseau
>because no one reads lit magazines anymore much less lit fucking websites these tiny little "Publishing houses" employ only one or two people, who can barely even afford to keep their website domain name paid for--much less sift through larger and slushier slush piles than history has ever seen; the internet making every dumbass with a laptop a potential submission
>No offices, no revenue, no print run, no marketing; just a domain name and a twitter account with five hundred followers
>Takes months to send a form rejection on work that they wouldn't have even paid you for in the first place, and that wouldn't even be read by anyone even if they published AND paid you
>Good luck out there if you're writing is actually good despite all this, faggot

What can we do, /lit/?

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