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Become a realist.
Thomist realist.

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>being guenonian
you guys should be burnt at stake

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>spiritual growth
>weak-ass neopaganism and esoteric bullshit

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« The worship due to our parents includes the worship given to all our kindred, since our kinsfolk are those who descend from the same parents, according to the Philosopher (Ethic. viii, 12). The worship given to our country includes homage to all our fellow-citizens and to all the friends of our country. Therefore piety extends chiefly to these. »

« Hence in natural things species seem to be arranged in degrees; as the mixed things are more perfect than the elements, and plants than minerals, and animals than plants, and men than other animals; and in each of these one species is more perfect than others. Therefore, as the divine wisdom is the cause of the distinction of things for the sake of the perfection of the universe, so it is the cause of inequality. For the universe would not be perfect if only one grade of goodness were found in things. »

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to the trash

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Through reason.

Read about what participation is btw. Fabro's Selected Articles on Metaphysics and Participation seems good for a start.

>pantheistic monism
stop that

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You can be radical and good (i.e. rational) instead of being radical and philosophically/spiritually flawed (esotericism, magick, pantheism, amoralism, nihilism and so on).

For example, you can refuse any kind of machiavelism (like those terror attacks or murder you dumbasses want to perpetrate without thinking about the morals/consequences of it [I doubt murdering some jewish faggot student bring any good to fascism generally speaking]) because you saw that it was a shit idea, without refusing to go full blown fascism as soon as the current regime falls (probably due to an economic crisis, but can be a meteorological one for example, as long as the State becomes useless in a crisis situation).

It's all about preparing ourselves in order to be the best, the most radically fascist, in order to take the power as soon as it crumbles down.
Not about "bringing it" but waiting patiently that it crumbles. We are the Roman Empire falling down. We will have a 1929 bis that will hit a lot harder.

Let's be intelligent, strong, patient and radical, not hallucinated dumbasses that believe in tarot or whatever shit you want to believe in like an edgy teenager fascinated by /x/-tier stuff.

Remember the four cardinal virtues :

And the three Theological virtues :

And by that I don't mean the modern counterfeits.

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This my lad.

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