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It seems very performative to me, attempting to showcase the supposed depth of being fingered

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>mfw I just realized harold bloom died

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>Since the literary canon is at issue here, I include only those religious, philosophical, historical, and scientific writings that are themselves of great aesthetic interest. I would think that, of all the books that are in this first list, once the reader is conversant with the Bible, Homer, Plato, the Athenian dramatists, and Virgil, the crucial work is the Koran...

Was he right?

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Post your top 3 books written before the 18th century.

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It's a rhetorical device called a polysendeton. It's written this way for effect, and writers have been doing this for a long, long time. Rhetorical devices are always breaking, mostly arbitrary, grammatical rules.

And then there's this faggot >>15964771 who thinks good grammar = good writing but doesn't understand rhetoric or composition.

No, John Green is not a particularly good writer, and I'm not defending him. You can have problems with this passage, fine, but when you guys REEEEEEE about the "and and and and", it's clear you don't know what you're talking about, so why should anyone trust your observations about any other aspect of writing?

Stop being ignorant faggots, and learn how to read properly. Step one is to be quiet and to think better about what you're reading and what you might say, even for an author like John Gree. because maybe you don't know what you're talking about after all.

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I've always wondered whether a lot of these people who latch onto their gender identity are simply confused that discovering their feminine spirit and assuming it to be their entire self, rather than being able to live with both male and female energy in balance

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I have studied this post for 3 days and I cannot determine what the problem is supposed to be

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Okay go ask any North African if they’re Arabic or not
>mfw some western faggot tries to lecture on me racial and identity dynamics in the Arab world

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>posts about film and identity politics in a literature board
>expects serious replies

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>mistaking belief in ubiquity of god for a god incapable of interacting with creation

> Claiming there is nothing like him, then using analogies to say what he is like
>taking things that literally even for the Quran
Only genuine autists think like this and take things THAT literally even for a religious text that is generally meant to be taken highly literally, no surprise you can’t tell the difference between when you should or shouldn’t though seeing what a flaming autist you are

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Oh look yet another leftist pseudo revolutionary who still partakes in consumerism and enjoys the fruits of a capital-based system

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>absolutely seethes at wojakposters
>calls others pathetic
Lmao the irony

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>make meta thread (always been allowed on any board) about the board highlighting the shitty moderation and how off topic everything is
>thread gets deleted at 20-something posts
>politics economics, and religion threads with basically no reference to literature stay up until they reach bump limit or naturally fall off the catalog
Who’s the fag janitor that couldn’t handle criticism about the shitty job they’re doing and doesn’t understand meta threads?

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>Either that or his private letters towards the end of his life where he states plainly even if he is Marx he is categorically not a Marxist.
Kek there’s no way. Even the man himself was probably pic related at his own works by the end

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>cuck philosophy

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>another zoomer that adopts depression and “lol so quirky” as an aesthetic
Purge the unclean

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Lisa needs braces

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that's all anyone writes anymore, its all so tiresome

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>There was a (false) rumor that Wagner converted to Christianity and that triggered Neetche
What the actual fuck? I didn’t think anyone is stupid enough to think that Wagner wasn’t Christian, his racism may have been wrong and against the religion but he certainly identified himself as a Christian

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Because anyone who has read War and Peace will agree Anna Karenina is monotonous drivel by comparison

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that fucking rupi kaur has absolutely destroyed poetry, and especially presented a bad model for women poets.

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