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It's Good Friday. So it's an appropriate time to ask the question: what is your favorite Gospel?

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Reminder that John's account of the Passion is likely to be highly accurate since John himself was actually there.

There's a reason the Church has always given it pride of place on Good Friday.

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>Only a god can save us.

A God already did.

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There is an inherent Anti-Semitism in Christianity. When it comes right down to it, the Jews are no longer God's Chosen People. Christians replaced them. But the Jews seethed hard and refuse to follow their rightful Messiah, preferring to regard Him as a usurper and a pretender. For this, the Jews are all damned to Hell and cursed to suffer for all eternity, like everyone else who learns of Christ but does not worship Him.

To deny this fundamental truth is to deny the very core of Christianity. It's even right there in the Gospels, and in Paul's epistles.

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Read the Gospels. Jesus Himself is an excellent teacher in what it means to be humble.

"Be like Me, for I am meek and humble of heart."

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>trying to save the face of the Church itself

I am not interested in saving the FACE of the Church.

I am interested in saving the CHURCH. I am interested in saving the One, True Church of Jesus Christ, founded by God Himself upon the head of Saint Peter, the first Pope, possessed of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Church of which it was rightly prophesied that it would "be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and as far as the remotest part of the earth." The Church which has been around since the days when Christ Himself walked the earth, and which carries out the Great Commission, the command of Christ to "baptize all the nations."

I am interested in saving and purifying and lifting up that Church. This involves full admission of what has been done wrong, and punishment for those who deserve it. But it also does not involve giving an inch of ground on the Truth of the Church's teachings, regardless of those who try to hack away at them using the ruined lives of abused children as an excuse. You are not special. Older and mightier men than you have over the centuries used the Church's failures to attack its teachings, used its failures to live up to its Truths as proof that its Truths are false. They all failed in the end. History remembers the most infamous of them. But the Church survives, because Christ is with it and will purge it of error and sin, through the working of the saints.

It will be so yet again, in our own time.

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Because they haven't read the Gospels and/or haven't received good preaching. That's the crux of it. There's an infinite amount of absolute retards in the modern world that like to talk about what Jesus would say/do in a given situation, but who have actually not bothered to delve into what Jesus was actually like according to his own religion.

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>a gatekeeping mechanism

Honestly this is the heart of all the objections, to me. There IS no gatekeeping in Christianity. It's antithetical to Christianity's core message, that Christ came to save all and died to redeem the sins of all. In theory, the end goal of Christianity involves every single person on Earth becoming Christian. It's not some mystery cult or esoteric thing. There is no hidden knowledge. The idea is that everything you need to be a good Christian is contained in the Bible and the Church's standard teachings, which are freely given away to all.

Obviously in practice there are going to be people who reject Christianity, as well as people who are better Christians than others. The idea of the saints is a direct aspect of this. But the core of Christianity is that salvation is given away to all who believe, no matter how smart or stupid, wise or foolish, skilled or unskilled, they may be. It simply isn't possible to turn Christianity into some kind of initiatory experience.

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