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This reads exactly like what some bipolar undergrad thinks is 'genius' (when they themselves write it). It's not horrible;
it's convoluted, try-hard trash though. Refine, write for a market that isn't your own ego, actually try and engage and entertain rather than prove what a soi-disant 'genius' you mistakenly believe yourself to be and maybe you'll write something someone will want to read. Don't listen to the few friends you have that compliment you, either. Oh, and learn a second language because you have a somewhat intuitive but technically deficient idea of grammar that may be corrected by being forced to understand how language actually works.

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Homos, like women, are inherently superficial, and so the emotive, sensual aspect of poetry appeals to their aesthetic interests.

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Lol brudi is the German for bro? You must sound fucking ridiculous saying that to one another.

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