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>requires infinite time
>never heard of moment of singularity

You are the one not reading, it seems. You are a bad coping nihilists that wants free will and so to be some sort of deity out of nature. You are still not able to accept determinism and so you call it meaningless. Literally untermensch.

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Hey lads, I'm going to Dubai tomorrow. What's a good book to read. I want to finish Lolita, and I wanted to finish A Brief History of Time (I keep renting it from my library but they never give me enough time to finish reading it baka, where can I get it for free online?)

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>Steve Donoghue

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MFW retards who picked spanish instead of based french cannot comprehend this:


Éternelles Ondines,
Divisez l’eau fine.
Vénus, soeur de l’azur,
Émeus le flot pur.
Juifs errants de Norwège
Dites-moi la neige.
Anciens exilés chers
Dites-moi la mer.

Moi - Non, plus ces boissons pures,
Ces fleurs d’eau pour verres ;
Légendes ni figures
Ne me désaltèrent ;
Chansonnier, ta filleule
C’est ma soif si folle
Hydre intime, sans gueules
Qui mine et désole.


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tinychat com /4chanlit

friendly people pls join and have great time thanks

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>limited edition

preodered 2 hours ago, suckers.

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Just found out I'm getting a Nook for Christmas.
Any good books to buy/pirate for reading during break?

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>defending a book that you haven't read

You're a woman, aren't you?

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>thinks that Marijuana isn't addictive

People are addicted to sugar, World of Warcraft, and reading. You can absolutely be addicted to marijuana. Just because you had no friends and didn't know anyone to buy weed from is no reason to get angry at me.

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I look forward to being terrified by crabs

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