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>demonic thinking

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>It is impossible to die with honour in the modern age.

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>I can't be the only one who wants mass death and ruin, can I?

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>OP is the chad doomed romantic whose desire to stay true to his beliefs is challenged at every moment by the convenience of our times. Does he accept convenient easy pussy or fight the good fight, defends his beliefs no matter how misguided and juvenile and at the cost of his self worrh and standing among girl + masses of anonymous internet gentlemen and roasties

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>The philosophy, characters, setting, and events of his novels are expertly woven together in a completely organic fashion. His style of prose which gets so much shit is also perfect for the kind of delirious atmosphere he's trying to cultivate.

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>Men used to write great books to get money and impress women with their intelligence and artistry and imagination and skill, then women stopped being impressed and started writing their own books, so now only women read and write books

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>As an oldschool /b/ tard and /x/eno who was into conspiracies and urban legends and spirituality and etc before 4chan even existed, pynch is my author.

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dude, you literally think you're speshul for having anxiety. literally every second roastie has anxiety. i had a mental breakdown before and it wasn't that bad and i didn't even go to therapy like a fag, i just let it pass. do all your limbs work? are you mentally retarded? do you need a nurse to wipe your ass for you? no? then stop fucking complaining because there are people who have it way worse than you.

seriously, you are a fucking meme of a person

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The best proof for God is what i like to call "The Argument from Cringe." It is similar to Lewis' argument from desire, that there is an innate desire in man for God, and innate desires always have a real object of desire to satisfy them.

The argument from cringe posits that the innate cringe emitted from all atheists at alarming frequencies is sort of like a form of aposematism designed to repel the good humans, the ones God actually wants, from becoming atheist for fear of looking like a retard asshole. It goes something like this:
>if there were no God, atheists would be right and wouldn't be cringe and bluepilled
>atheists are universally cringe and bluepilled (irrefutable)
>therefore God is real and he is based and redpilled

This is not ad hominem, it is right

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>anon you do know we are just bunch of neurons, right
you should've just posted this at her

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