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I worked for 2 months at a marketing agency and it was gayer than gay sex.

The CEO was a stupid white Karen who got pregant like a little bitch. She pumped out a baby like a unit. Then she kept post pictures of her gay fucking baby on Slack. Like bitch, nobody wants to see your gay fucking baby, it looks like an old man!

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Americans woreship niggers. They watch nigger athletes on TV, they listen to nigger music. Niggeres are seem as apex masculinity. White women like getting pregnant by niggers. They even have a cuckold fetish where niggers fuck their wives. The end product after many generations is a mutt. A mulatto looking person, not quite black, but not quite white either, some sort of mutt big flappy with curly hair.

Of course they would try to change the narrative by saying “mixed people are beautiful” and such. It’s like listening to NPCs. Boring, repetitive. But this is the culture that you’re living in. A kike culture.

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