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Not at all, Christ wasn't just showing a fallacy anon, he was doing that and using it to show something supremely wrong in their conception of what is Resurrection, i.e. Heaven I dunno they roll into each other.

I see something that is directly related to the authenticity of the individual as he stands before God, before being. Many like to speak of the Egyptians as if all of the later developments of the Greeks were merely a re-branding of them, as if Egypt had something of the genetic code of that whole development of being or whatnot, but it really does seem to me that they stand more so as a level of development which was used and continued on from, rather than "the source" esotericists like to proclaim so often. However if a religion can be said to have included something of the blueprint where later developments in anything may be said to have been its recent inheritors, it is the Christian religion. The individual is alive as his own individual.

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