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Whore, whore never changes...

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Imagine prostitution being legal and not advertised on TV. Impossible...
Absolutely true, even plants have sex. It's the monetary relationship that creates prostitution, and the biological factor that creates sexualization.
Indeed, sexual relationships and marriage would happen a lot earlier than what is of custom today. >>16362785 I'd answer this, and again, the dad genes come into play. Sexualization isn't the matter, and what the film says is asking about how and why young girls are the object of desire when they just can't know any better. Same for the guys who finance this sort of shit or make a scene about it, there's something hidden deep.

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Reminder that an obese, overfed form has always been the most ideal version of the female body until recent thin fetishism. Hopefully, fat acceptance movements will return us to tradition.

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